Miss PowerWoman – Says YES to bikini rounds – Miss Brazil wins the bikini title.

Ms. Brazil, Jamile De Souza-Davies has been selected as the winner of Miss Bikini Power Woman 2017.

The hard rock Brazilian bikini model beat out a host of other contestants to be named Miss Bikini PowerWoman on Thursday 13th of 2017, the event took place at the Catalonia Beach Resort.

Miss PowerWoman Brazil, Jamile De Soussa, wins the Miss Bikini title
Miss PowerWoman Brazil, Jamile De Soussa, wins the Miss Bikini title

3,000 girls applied to participate in the Miss PowerWoman Competition, 30 where selected as the official contestants and where given their first challenge where only 20 dye-hard PowerWomen made the cut and arrived to this amazing tropical island to compete head to head for the title Miss PowerWoman 2017.

Upon arrival, due to other factors 3 contestants did not make the cut; finally, 17 contestants reached their final destination. This competition has proven not to be a simple walk in the park, the contestants have to manage them selves and need to be clever to overcome obstacles.

In this bikini challenge, they don’t only have to put them selves out in the open, but they have to entertain and animate the public making this all the most challenging for these women whom are business women and professionals in many fields but do not have a career in modeling, making this a new experience, an intimidating one for many women around the world.

Bikini rounds have been a featured item of pageantry for over 60 years. Recently The Miss World beauty pageant announced they will no longer feature a swimsuit round for contestants, as the organizer says it ‘doesn’t do anything for women’

The Miss PowerWoman organization has a completely different point of view. The Bikini round in this case, is not for the public; this round is for the contestants themselves. They are given the option to participate or not in the bikini round, and they are made aware that the bikini round is not part of the scoring or determine who will be the winner. The organization believes that beauty definitely comes from the inside, it is also a state of mind and most important its all about “self acceptance” your first admirer and biggest fan has to be “your self”, It takes allot of courage to put our selves out in the public and feel comfortable enough to do so.

Feminists, such as the handful protesting outside the pageant’s final in London last week, have previously criticized the swimsuit round for being “sexist” as it objectifies women.

Many of the Miss PowerWoman contestants claimed that the Bikini Round turned out to be a liberating experience, and others stated that women should not be told what to wear or what to do by any industry, group or organization. They can make their own decisions.

Ms. Brazil, Jamile De Souza-Davies, is a Woman Entrepreneur who lives in the UK, she is also a full time mother who is active in sports; she believes that taking care of her health and body are as important as career and family. Ms. Brazil regularly visits her sports coach Carolina Sagarmendi owner of CWTCH THERAPY, for therapeutic sports massage and meditation sessions that help her strike a balance between physical, physiological and emotional health while providing the same benefits to her family as a mother.