Alyona Smirnova Has Just Been Crowned Miss Multiverse 2019

After three weeks of grueling challenges, unforeseen eliminations and shocking disqualifications, the winner of Miss Multiverse and its Reality TV Show ‘I Am Multiverse has finally been crowned at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana. The stunning Alyona Smirnova from Ukraine was announced the winner.

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse 2019
Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse 2019

Ladies, are you ready for the next challenge? You never know what happens after hearing this sentence. It could be anything! Welcome to the world of Miss Multiverse – the most extreme personality contest on the planet.

This competition brings together a group of accomplished models and beauty queens from all over the world to compete in an all out battle designed with obstacle courses floating on the water, Tightrope and Zip Line testing stamina and wild out doors survival settings where conquering nature and human emotions is part of the game.

Contestants are often brought back in to the business board room for an IQ test, debates and theoretical challenges to evaluate their intellect and back out to the tropical jungle to demonstrate strength, confidence, resilience and ambition. This competition seeks to find the woman who has it all.

Alyona from Ukraine successfully won the highest scoring challenges such as; the rebuild from zero charity paradox challenge, the sponsor relations business skills test and The Last Woman Standing competition. She also scored among the high in other challenges including the IQ Test, Marketing Challenge, social media influencing, toggle-war, surfing and stage performance.

It was not a simple journey for Alyona, whom arrived to the competition determined to win at all cost. It was her laser focused mind set that helped her zero-in to the main objectives keeping her on track at all times. This unstoppable drive to succeed, helped Alyona Smirnova win some of the highest scoring challenges of the competition, but her success came with a costly price to pay. Her ¨winner takes all¨ mentality motivated several rival contestants to ¨zero in on her¨, making her the ultimate target of her opponents.

With strong minded characters and effective leaders whom where also determined to win; such as, Miss Latvia, Miss Canada, Miss Italy, Miss Moldova and Miss Peru, team building and group diplomacy became a tough challenge for Alyona Smirnova at this point. An imminent leadership style transformation became her ultimate challenge, one she had to achieve in order to win the overall competition.

Alyona orchestrated strategies; such as, leadership coup d’état necessary to take down the team captain and lead her team towards victory, and had to do this while hunting down who was the spy within the group implanted to sabotage the team.

Unknown by the contestants at that time, this challenge titled: The deserted beach, was a psychological mind game disguised as a scavenger hunt where the true challenge was to find who would rice to the occasion and take the lead within a team of eight members stranded in a deserted beach.

To win this challenge, the group in need of survival and under pressure with no vital resources, had to first find food and build their own shelter to spend the night and complete their mission of laying out a complex scavenger hunt to defeat the opposing team while preventing the spy from delivering any leaked information from reaching the opposing team.

Alyona Smirnova also demonstrated physical strength, mind control and cardio endurance by winning the Last Woman Standing competition. This is an intensive exercise of six hours, under the blistering sun. Contestants are able to quit and tap out at any time until… the last woman remains standing.

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse 2019

Final Results:

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, December 19, 2019 Miss Multiverse Ukraine; Alyona Smirnova was crowned Miss Multiverse 2019 at the Theater of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Alyona is described as a successful Ukranian model, with a Master’s degree in International Economic Relations (International Commerce). and Specialist degree in International Law. She speaks several foreign languages and is passionate about fitness and extreme sports; member of Mont Blanc climbing expedition (2017) has jumped with parachute 2 times, did paragliding and received her open water diver certificate.

Alyona is currently working on her soul project – “ToU” App, designed to support, renew and improve relationship in couples and as a consequence between people in general. She disagrees with phrase: “Beauty will save the world” cause she believes only love can do it. Download the App

Alyona Smirnova Miss Multiverse 2019

WINNER Miss Multiverse: Miss Ukraine: Alyona Smirnova (Awards: Miss Charity – Miss Business – Last Woman Standing)

1st RU Miss Italy – Alice Veglio (Awards: Miss Social Media – Miss Debate)

2nd RU Miss Moldova – Aliona Chitoroaga (Awards: Miss Friendship – Miss Networker)

3rd RU Miss France – Nadiya Karplyuk (Awards: Miss Positivity)

4th RU Miss Latvia – Kate Alexeeva (Awards: Miss Photogenic)

5th RU Miss America – Shelby Howell (Awards: Miss Intelligence)

6th RU Miss Iceland – Disa Dungal (Awards: Miss Fitness)

7th RU Miss Peru – Karen Isabel Rojas (Awards: Miss Entertainment)

8th RU Miss Russia – Aygul Zaripova (Awards: Miss Catwalk)

9th RU Miss Belarus – Kseniya Osovitskaya (Awards: Miss Bikini)

10th RU Miss Canada – Mina Khtaria
11th RU Miss Belgium – Josephine Charlotte Lecluyse
12th RU Miss Poland – Doris De Palo
13th RU Miss Finland – Kateriina Juselius
14th RU Miss Lithuania – Karolina Karalaite (Eliminated)
15th RU Miss Germany – Maren Tschinkel (Health Issues)
16th RU Miss Spain – Desiree Hampton (Eliminated)

Never made it to the contest:

Miss China – Yuan Zhenzhen
Miss Kazakhstan – Bibamariyam Duisebekova
Miss Romania – Anastasia Cova
Miss Zambia – Matildah Maymuna
Miss Czech Republic – Lenka Josefiova
Miss Mexico – Georgina Vargas

The Miss Multiverse organization thanks all sponsors:

Head Sponsor: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana.

Other sponsors and partners:
Ramona Haar Jewelry – Coco Bongo Punta Cana – Magna Motors – Aqua Park, Downtown Punta Cana, – Macao Surfcamp – Caribbean Traveling Network – FilmonTV – Escapology Punta Cana – – Sling Shot Boogies at Hard Rock – Dominican Tree House Village – Kelly tours @kellytoursdr – Ministerio de turismo @mturismord – Grupo RANVINCOR S.R.L @paintballparkrd – Dana Designs Italy – Make Up @olga.montilla

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