BMI Crackdown on Reality Models

Miss Multiverse International 2016Miss Multiverse International 2016

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Australia saw a BMI Crackdown on Reality Models of the TV Show, I am Multiverse – Australia, over the past week.

They measured and weighed the models to make sure they adhere to a healthy BMI range. With the National Finals around the corner, contestants are preparing themselves mentally and physically. The Australian and International organisers in the Netherlands wanted to make sure that contestants are still in the healthy BMI range.

Contestants who are below a healthy BMI will be disqualified says Producer, Yolandi Franken.

The Producers require the models to declare their height, weight and other measurements in their initial application. They only consider models within a healthy BMI range. Models are once again looked at during the Regional Finals of Australia. Swimwear photos were taken to ensure a healthy body stature.

Miss Multiverse International 2016Miss Multiverse International 2016

The BMI crackdown is vital. It is crucial for them that their models are healthy role models. The girls require high energy levels to endure the highly physical challenges.

All the top ten finalists had a healthy BMI. The National Director, Yolandi Franken warns models that while training to get into shape for the National and World Finals, to focus on toning up rather than losing weight.

The minimum accepted BMI for the contest and TV show is a BMI of 18.

The media is starting to move in the right direction when it comes to the size of models. It is important that all influential establishments and organisations contribute to this positive movement. This will ensure a healthier future for our young girls.

Miss Multiverse International 2016Miss Multiverse International 2016

It is time for Australia and the rest of the world to follow the lead of European countries in this matter.

The Miss Multiverse Australia winner, as well as the Miss Multiverse winners from around the world will be BMI-tested before attending the World Finals.

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