Miss Multiverse NSW Finalists bowled the judges over

Miss Multiverse NSWBowling for the ultimate title

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The Miss Multiverse NSW Finalists came together to compete for the chance to become a National Finalist. The competing in an unexpected bowling game.

The day started with an interview and ended in an IQ test and General Knowledge test. This came as a big shock to the contestants. As in other states, the challenges were kept secret from the Miss Multiverse NSW Finalists.

The agenda did not only contain challenges, sweat and tears. The day also included a fun team based challenge which was a bowling game at Kingpin Bowling in North Strathfield. The game allowed judges, Dean Marzolla (guest judge) and Yolandi Franken to analyse their contestant’s teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship qualities.

Dean is an industry leader working behind the scenes. He directs the Aussie Elite Model Network, and continues with creative projects such as the Australian Model Conference, and different fashion and model education projects.

Miss Multiverse NSWJudges Dean Marzolla and Yolandi Franken

Dean is also a highly respected award winning professional photographer over two decades who worked with some of the biggest names in TV, newspapers and magazines. He has shot with supermodels, major brands and countless celebrities.

Dean says: “It was interesting to meet all the contestants and there are definitely girls that are standing out above the rest.”

Miss Multiverse Australia is a new reality TV show that is launching in Australia this year after great success in America and South America over the last few years. The search is on for Australia’s most multifaceted model that is not only beautiful on the outside but has a good education, interpersonal skills, social skills, emotional intelligence, catwalk and photographic skills and is also fit and healthy.

National Director and Producer, Yolandi Franken says: “The variety of girls in NSW were very polar and unexpected. We are very pleased with our choice for the day “.

Three of the six Miss Multiverse NSW Finalists were eliminated. Three are still in the running to be a Miss Multiverse Australia National Finalist. This will be held in Sydney in August this year. National finalists will be announced on the 1st of July 2017.

Models: Camilla Lee, Daria Veshcheva (eliminated), Dana Trebar, Gabrielle Keaton, Isabelle Frehner (eliminated), Victoria Ren (eliminated)

Photographer: Suki Foster Photography

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