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With so many things wrong in the world today, it is a breath of fresh air to see that young people are taking the lead in conserving the planet we live in.

Gabrielle Keaton is one such young person. Her passion for conserving the planet has led her to study a Bachelors Degree in science, majoring in Zoo-ology. She believes that her studies pave the foundation of the conservation research career she dreams of.

“I wANT to be involved in research for documentaries about conservation AND spreading information about what is happening to our planet and how we can make a difference”

During her spare time, Gabrielle also volunteers at the Hunter Valley Zoo where she feels right at home. There is no better place for Gabrielle to spend her spare time. Gabrielle grew up on a property outside a small country town. She has been surrounded by wildlife and pets such as reptiles, birds, goats and everything in between, all her life.

Gabrielle Keaton's reward for her volunteer work at the Hunter Valley ZooGabrielle Keaton’s reward for her volunteer work at the Hunter Valley Zoo

Gabrielle is also a National Finalist for Miss Multiverse Australia. This is a new model contest and Reality TV Show that is looking for Australia’s educated and successful models, among other things.

She started modelling less than a year ago and already made her mark when she was selected a Top 10 – National Finalist in Miss Multiverse Australia.

She was discovered in a shopping centre when a designer approached her about modelling some of their clothing. The only reason she agreed was that she just finished her University Degree and finally had enough time.

“I never would have considered doing modelling while still at University. My education and University commitments were very important to me and I wanted to give it my full attention.”

Gabrielle is hoping that her modelling career will help build her profile so that she can have a larger influence and voice when spreading her conservation message.

She also plays sports and is a real foodie!

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