Samantha Tshuma back with a bang

FORMER Miss Tourism Zimbabwe — Samantha Tshuma — last year welcomed her first child, a sweet little girl named April. Her venturing into motherhood left many Zimbabweans pondering if that was the end of her career.

by Peter Matika | Sunday, Aug 16, 2015

But motherhood only gave her the zeal to become one of the first successful African models, Zimbabwean to be precise, to be perceived as iconic, while balancing motherhood.

Samantha is one of many other models to successfully balance the difficulties of motherhood with a thriving modelling career.

For those that thought motherhood had ridden them of competition from the former Miss Tourism, well guess again. She is back and back with a bang!

If you can’t fathom the reality of this then take a look at the sultry yet stunning pictures of her new look, after all pictures do say a thousand words.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Samantha, who had taken some time off pageantry, unquestionably on the grounds of motherhood, is coming back seeking to reclaim her throne.

Today Samantha is taking her career to another level, as she will be contesting in the reality TV pageant Miss and Mrs Multiverse competition this year.

Miss Multiverse competition selects the prettiest girls and ladies from around the world.

This year the eight-episode reality show will capture the journey of 40 candidates, as they participate in exciting tours, charity events, interviews, fashion shows, photo shoots and TV interviews.

Samantha said the pageant was a Hollywood reality TV show with 20 major TV networks as partners.

“The TV networks will be following 40 models (each representing their respective countries) in the search for the perfect formula that makes a woman beautiful. This will be aired over eight episodes screening the road to the crown,” she said.

Samantha said her being selected to participate in the pageant was purely on merit.

“The organisers were captured by virtue of my CV and suitability. I was then short-listed for a Skype interview. Seemingly I did well, as I then received an official nomination by e-mail to be the first ever Miss Multiverse Zimbabwe RE,” she said.

On the issue of her career demise, Samantha said: “I have grown a thick skin on public perception and at the same time feel more mature, this being my third international competition. I am still counting, I hold no reservations in saying I have what it takes and such international nominations bear testimony to cement this. I have had limited, however, amazing support from my strategic partners who are working tirelessly with me on my road to Miss and Mrs Multiverse 2015. We collectively are yet to call for a Press conference to reflect on their contributions about my preparations as well as announce forthcoming projects as a result of these strategic partnerships,” she said.

Samantha also said taking part in a pageant of such a nature was a mere interpretation of maturity.

“This is a mere interpretation of maturity, competitiveness and recognition of how I am rated internationally. Among the best I meet and join in the camp to compete against 39 other stunning and most talented beauty queens in Congo Brazzaville for the Miss and Mrs Multiverse title at the end of September,” she said.

Samantha also reflected on being a mother in the modelling industry, saying she was one of the most experienced models the country had to offer as a mother.

“My advice to aspiring models not only as a mother but as one of the most experienced models the country has to offer is never let go of your dreams, do not backslide, keep moving forward. Good things don’t come easy, ensure your success, interpret the amazing journey to realising your goals,” she added.

Unlike the usual pageants, Samantha will this time embark on an epic but yet thrilling adventure of beauty and survival.

Her life together with 39 other contestants will revolve around glamour, perfection and winning at any cost to win and prove her worth as a model, with her limits put to the test, while her inner and outer beauty is judged.

Only 10 contestants out of 40 will make it to the finals, where one of them will ultimately be crowned Miss Multiverse.

Samantha said she was excited and wanted to prove not only to herself but the entire fraternity that being a mother did not signal the end of a career.

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