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A Complete Preparation How To Become Miss Multiverse

Introduction Of A Complete Preparation How To Become Miss Multiverse

A Complete Preparation How To Become Miss Multiverse. I competed at Miss Multiverse I often feel like there’s this need to share everything perfect and amazing it takes a lot of work both physically and mentally to be in such a high-pressure high-stress environment and act calmly but these girls go through.

Competing at Miss Multiverse

So much all everybody else sees are the pictures and the smiling and the glitz and the glam and the final product I can guarantee you we were stressed on the inside we all had our issues to deal with you see while you see that we’re feeling this that what was it like competing at Miss Multiverse there’s three phases prep compete and cry.

I’m just kidding but seriously you cry if you don’t think you’re a crier you’re a crier whether you win or lose you cry everybody cries you win uh-uh you lose oh you’re a liar if you said you did not cry at any point during your entire phase of a competition my prep was in st. I won Miss Multiverse on October 7th I had about a month to prepare. A Complete Preparation How To Become Miss Multiverse.

I had to fly to Nicaragua for a pre-planned humanitarian tour as Miss Multiverse and fly straight from Nicaragua to Las Vegas everybody’s training is different but these are just a few examples of what I had to do chefs you must become an expert on session beauty and hair everybody thinks that we have this glam team with us oh no we have a glam team and sponsors for registration preliminaries and final night but.

The gym there’s a misconception that girls

The rest of the time you’re on your own and that’s not easy for someone who grew up a tomboy to go to the gym there’s a misconception that girls are gonna starve themselves you don’t have to be skinny the goal is to be strong and feel your best when you have to stand on a stage and an itsy Liddie itsy-bitsy little swimsuit in front of the world that on camera is on live television it’s a little bit but at the end of the day.

You’re just training to be in your best shape that’s miss multiverse squad right there yeah that’s it right there how you feeling 9:00 a.m. we got this hustle to let’s go I was told to gain five pounds in three weeks so I cut out cardio and I focus on weights four to five times a week mostly on the lower body because have you seen my hips exactly I don’t have any three your diet during all this stress and how many things that you’re doing you need to be eating clean.

I feel like it’s Christmas every time I get to look up what I get to eat so you have yogurt mustard salmon boom for dinner cauliflower Turkey peas boom and then plants the notes wait for it peanut for the study you could be asked anything the Treasury wants to put the face of a woman on the $10 bill beside Alexander Hamilton which woman should get that honor and tell me.

When you have the opportunity to put forward a message

Why which woman oh my gosh not good under pressure my gosh I had like black towers New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for his part and the so-called deflate-gate scandal then reinstated by the court’s legalities aside did Tom Brady cheat I believe he cheated what’s your answer I believe.

The Tom Brady cheating there’s five gather footage that the quality is good enough to be shown around the world on television when they present who you are that also leads into point number six when you have the opportunity to put forward a message what is that going to be for me that was encouraging young women to be fearless.

When pursuing male-dominated fields especially STEM we need to make sure our girls were interested in science at a young age and tech are being given all the tools in they’re equipped with everything they need to succeed in those fields seven runway training I spent more time training and walking in heels than I did sleeping I thought I had a decent walk and then it quickly became yeah you might but can you bring it to side by side next to a Latina, okay seven find.

I’m his universe and the other options

A pretty dress I didn’t have an evening gown when I showed up to Miss Multiverse when I picked I wasn’t allowed to wear then I found out that the dress I was supposed to wear never arrived on time by the time I arrived I’m his universe and the other options I got weren’t my style you got it to roll with the punches yes it’s not about the dress it’s about.

How you feeling it but you need to find the dress that makes you feel that way my Miss multiverse gown was the perfect example of that I put it on and I felt like a cuddly she that’s what you want to look for if you’re looking for a dress ladies in Nicaragua had to pick up my national costume learn how to put it together 14 pieces and 14 lights to turn on and more no.

Miss multiverse

I see slow and they were machines build them this math this is the first time I’m trying it on and we’re less than a week from his MULTIVERSE that’s been made in Nicaragua and he made a winner of the national cause I’m a Miss multiverse Nicaragua two years ago so four years ago I said CREP 2013 on before you put it, okay this is for me. A Complete Preparation How To Become Miss Multiverse.

When I finally get to Miss multiverse I’m just on hyperdrive and everything is still going and I don’t understand what’s happening then all of a sudden it sinks in you’re like oh where am I.

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