Multiverse Beauty Pageant Contestants Share Their Stories
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Multiverse Beauty Pageant Contestants Share Their Stories

Introduction Of Multiverse Beauty Pageant Contestants Share Their Stories

Multiverse Beauty Pageant Contestants Share Their Stories. We’re going to learn the main elements of pageants like what is involved in each one of them and I’m gonna give you a brief history of pageants so that you have some background for when people ask you why are you doing a pageant or what’s that about you know you can be prepared with these answers.

A pageant is essentially a competition resulting

So let’s jump in the main elements of pageants a pageant is essentially a competition resulting in a crown and a title so a crown and a title of some type now the crown can be different some of them get tiaras some of them get around crowns and fancy things a sash or a scepter like all this wild stuff but essentially it’s something like that and a brand.

New title okay it’s subjective now this is good and bad good. After all, it makes sense to be judging people subjectively from the whole spirit of the person that they’re bringing bad because it’s not that cut and dry an objective competition is one that where the person with the most points wins okay so that’s essentially where it’s obvious if the who if the ball goes through the hope and a basketball game but in pageantry, it’s not so obvious because. Multiverse Beauty Pageant Contestants Share Their Stories.

It’s subjectively based on people’s opinions the people being the judges in the audience so subjective judgment okay the next is that the stages of competition vary most of them include a gown competition an interview portion whether it’s on stage or private interview fitness some others have like a swimsuit or something along those lines and then it might include other areas other common areas would be talent fun fashion photogenic casual wear onstage modeling things like that.

There are several different pageant systems

So there are seven stages of the competition in a pageant it is typically a year-long commitment so usually, after you win you have one entire year now that seems like a long time but it goes very quickly you only have a year so as soon as something passes you up there’s no redoing it but it is a full year-long commitment there are several different pageant systems we call them systems in the industry and those are the different pageants so.

Like Miss multiverse is a pageant system USA International Miss galaxy National American miss American teenager Miss World Miss Earth the list goes on and on and on those systems can be broken down into various divisions or phases of the competition okay so different divisions would be the age ranges so there might be a little Miss Junior Miss there’s maybe a teen the Miss America system calls it outstanding teen,.

It might be Miss there’s sometimes miz and miz’s so there’s a variety of different divisions and not all systems have every division each system has a different set of divisions and sometimes they even call them different names but the age breakdown okay now let’s jump into a brief history for you okay I promise not to bore you with this history it’s kind of fascinating so the first pageant ever was in 470 BC and this is a pageant.

The women in that area to come to his castle

I consider a pageant because Esther is of a Bible story and she won a beauty pageant became an actual queen the story is the Esther was a Jewish woman and the king at the time was looking for a queen so he invited all of the women in that area to come to his castle to march around so he could pick his favorite I know it sounds horrible.

But at the time I suppose it made sense so Esther is among one of the women who are in this pageant and the King sees her beauty in absolutely just falls head-over-heels for her chooses her as his queen and so she became a real-life Queen now the story gets awesome when the area of during time the community was going through major political turmoil and Esther was the one as a Jewish woman.

She was able to speak out on behalf of the rest of the Jews and she saved her entire nation of people because of the position that she held and believe in the story talks about how she’s terrified and believe me I’m sure you’ve been there I know I’ve been there when you’ve had a huge calling to take on the role of something like Miss America or Miss USA or something really serious that a role that you needed to step into you are meant for that job.

What a cool story is my favorite pageant story

The Bible says for such a time as this like this is what your job is you were given the title of Queen to do this for your people oh what a cool story is my favorite pageant story ever so take a look at it that’s the first beauty pageant, okay but then in modern somewhat more modern in 1839 there is an actual pageant held for what’s that what’s called the queen of beauty that’s the title that was given and this was held at a jousting tournament and it took.

A group of women in the local community and an actual Queen a woman who was a queen won the title of queen of beauty that was in 1839 okay so the oldest pageant that’s still running today is you can guess it the Miss America pageant and that first pageant happened in 1921 it hosted a group of local newspaper beauty contestants so beauty contestants in newspapers that was a popular thing back in the day but this was the first time that.

They brought all of those contestants to Atlantic City New Jersey with the idea that if they can hold this pageant they’ll get more and more people to extend the travel season to Atlantic City New Jersey and in fact, it worked there were over 100,000 people that attended this very first pageant and a 16-year-old girl won Margaret Gorman she was from Washington DC and she was crowned and she won $100 congratulations, Margaret.

A pageant called bathing beauty

A 16-year-old won Miss multiverse ha so now Miss multiverse of course has grown and changed and become shaped in a million different ways but now the award for the scholarship dollars is twenty thousand huge difference then shortly after in 1952 there was a pageant called bathing beauty and this was a competition that was spearheaded by Catalina swimwear it was in Long Beach California and it transformed pageantry because now.

It really took pageants too instead of just being you know a beautiful person selected or something that was designed to elongate charitable causes and things like that this was now a money-making pageant as you can imagine this turned in later to the Miss multiverse and Miss multiverse Organization so these two pageants this is why these two are the most common pageants that we talk about today.

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