Pageant Turns & Twirls For Beginners How We Make Perfect
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Pageant Turns & Twirls For Beginners How We Make Perfect

Introduction Of Pageant Turns & Twirls For Beginners How We Make Perfect

Pageant Turns & Twirls For Beginners How We Make Perfect. My first and only pageant I started the pageant game late I started in my early 20s so I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into most of the girls that I was competing with had been doing this since they were 5 years old I also didn’t have as much training because I’d never taken like a pageant seminar so when you win a local the next step is to go to state so.

The title of Miss Multiverse it’s essentially one long week of competition

We were competing for the title of Miss Multiverse it’s essentially one long week of competition and the idea is that all of the finalists come to the same hotel they all stay on the same floor they room together with another contestant and you have all sorts of activities from dance rehearsal or pairing for your talent your suit you also have public events during that week.

That you just have to be a part of so one of them is the picnic when I think picnic everybody was talking about how casual it is so I thought okay flip-flops and a cute dress my pageant director had told me I should be wearing a dress at all times for pretty much every event and to dress nicely I had this whole outfit planned out it was a beautiful cocktail dress when.

I talked to my roommate I just wanted to fit in because this is my first year in States I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t want to come across as pretentious so I asked her and she said oh no it’s low-key it’s casual don’t worry about it it’s not that big of a deal so I felt like my dress was a little too fancy and I thought to myself I don’t want to show up there and be the only one dressed up so I’d rather dress down so.

I picked the most casual dress I had a strapless cotton dress something from the website so you can kind of imagine it wasn’t inappropriate but it was just super casual with open-toed sandals that were flat very little makeup it’s probably about an hour before we have to go we’re both getting ready in the room but there’s only one bathroom so she ends up meeting it which is not a big deal but she kind of takes all of the time in the bathroom so at that point I’m just getting ready in the room as fast as I can and changing into that casual dress.

A professional makeup artist

She comes out of the bathroom she wore this like the long white dress that was like flowing it had a little bit of a train and she had like feathers or something in her hair she had makeup completely done like it was something a professional makeup artist would have done she looked flawless and she had beautiful heels on and just white and gold and I’m thinking to myself wow I thought you said it was casual we pretty much got like a five-minute warning at the door.

So we don’t have any time we have to leave so I show up on the bus think maybe it’s just her that’s her definition of casual nope all of the contestants we’re looking like that hair perfectly done makeup to the max 5 inch high heels like gorgeous dresses and I’m sitting there with open-toed sandals and a short strapless dress and what I didn’t realize is that you also get photographed at all of these events and these photos become public.

The judges may or may not be looking at these photos it does somewhat contribute to your spinal score everybody else looked like they just walked out of prom and I look like I should have just gone to some backyard barbecue the other contestant just looked at me and we’re like oh great you look great but it was kind of like the sad puppy you look great you know it’s when you say it with a big smile but you just feel bad for that person but.

A hotel nearby and there was a shuttle

I spoke with my director because she was quite pissed when she saw the photos come out and she said you didn’t wear the approved outfit and I said well my roommate told me it was casual and I didn’t want to fit in with everybody if my patented director was like you’re not here to make friends you’re here to win and she was probably just trying to set you up but don’t worry the second year I didn’t make that mistake so when I competed for the Miss New York title.

There were a lot of girls competing that year and we were the SUNY Purchase Theater we were all staying with roommates that were assigned to us in a hotel nearby and there was a shuttle bus that would take us back and forth with all of the girls competing we were told that there were not enough mirrors in the dressing rooms for each of us and it was the first-come-first-serve basis and I’m thinking to myself well I’m type-a I’m gonna get up early and I’m gonna do all the things.

That I need to do to get my mirror and I did my roommate and I hopped on the shuttle bus that morning we grabbed our breakfast all of our things took it with us went to the dressing room got our private mirrors did our thing eight-hour breakfast and we were pleased until I went to the restroom and then I came back and someone else was at my mirror and I’m thinking to myself first-come-first-serve basis this one is mine but very nicely I walk up I say to her hey.

she lost it got in my face tried to pull my hair

What’s going on and she looks at me and goes what’s going on with you and I’m like I got here early I set out all my stuff what is this girl doing I look at her and I go I think that there’s been a miscommunication you know this is my mirror I’m trying to be all nice and then she goes oh yeah gets up in my face and she’s like well then where’s your stuff.

So I look over and all the stuff that I had set out is missing and I’m looking around and the girls are staring at us in the room and I’m like I think she stole my stuff so she’s up in my face and I look at her and I go well where is my stuff did you move it and that’s when she lost it got in my face tried to pull my hair so all the girls come rushing over and they break us up and I’m thinking to myself what the heck is happening right now and where are my things as.

It turns out she had taken them to put them in a corner and put a jacket over them one of the other girls found it they reported her they all stood up for me including my roommate who had gone with me and vouched for me that we got there early she ended up getting kicked out of our dressing room but that did not keep her from shadowing me for the rest of my experience so when I’m in line waiting to interview there.

Miss multiverse

She is walking by giving me the evil eye being like good luck we’re in the wings and we’re waiting to go onstage I have my gown on that has a train and I go to walk and I’m like oh I’m stuck yeah I’m stuck under her shoe so I’m like okay great go ahead step on my dress you’re cool she wasn’t my favorite person clearly but the rest of the girls were so great and they stood up for me so that’s all that matters.

When I was competing for Miss multiverse Valley 2013 one of the competitions is the competition and mine is dance and I introduced Bollywood dance to the Miss multiverse stage I was wearing the same outfit worn at States the previous year so it’s something that you know I’ve worn multiple times I’ve competed in essentially it was a very short bra-like top and there was a beautiful skirt then you had a sash also known as Lopata.

That kind of was pinned to my top and then kind of crossed over my waist and then there was a beautiful belt that kind of kept it in place and the reason why the belt was so important was that otherwise you have this long sash kind of following you everywhere and it can get caught in your hands while you’re twirling or if you’re doing really fast motions with your arms it was probably like the fifth time I’d worn it at a competition my name gets announced and I walk onstage and I and I’m in my position and everything’s great I feel great.

The steps in my 90-second routine

I’m calm I know exactly all the steps in my 90-second routine that I self-choreographed halfway through the dance I was twirling and moving my hands and just I feel this snap my belts literally broke and just fell on the ground and my sash is just completely come and done Here I am with everybody’s staring at me the judges right in front of me in my head I’m thinking oh my god I’ve already lost this what am I gonna do I can’t keep going and I’m like.

I got to keep going so I’m having this like weird internal fight amongst Louisville in 90 seconds mind you while the song is still playing I knew that if I stopped there was no way I was gonna get a good mark on my talent competition so I turned around really fast I continued my steps.

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