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Best international pageants to enter

Introduction Of Best international pageants to enter

Best international pageants to enter. You even decide to compete in a pageant now this is if you know that you want to compete in some type of pageant you’re not sure which one or there are several to choose from here are the questions that you can ask first of all you should know that there are many questions you need to ask yourself like do you have the time are you interested in putting an effort and energy and the finances toward.

The last titleholder the former

This effort is a priority for you and a host of other things but in this episode, we’re gonna specifically talk about the questions that I want you to ask others the first few questions are specific to asking the director so the first question that I think that you ought to ask your director is this what made the last titleholder successful by getting an answer from the director as to what made.

The last titleholder the former titleholder successful you get an idea of what the director views as important so they may share things like oh well she was a hard worker they may say you know she was readily available anytime that we needed her they may also so those are like characteristics those are things that you can sort of developing or pay attention to they may also say things.

That you are completely out of your control like maybe they’d say oh she was a brunette and that’s totally what they wanted was a brunette you know like things that you may or may not be able to control so a lot of things you’ll be able to apply to your competition in the upcoming pageant the second thing is what held her back oftentimes directors year after year after year always just wish there their contestant would have just done this one thing had she just done this she would have done so much better.

What the director feels was holding the contestant

If you’re able to kind of get an idea of what the director feels was holding the contestant back you might have further insight as to what you can do to make sure you’re not held back by the same thing or you may get some insight into the director’s values that make and of put off a red flag to you of something that you may not want to participate in so this is a great way to get inside the head of a director so what made.

The titleholder successful and what held her back the third question what qualities are you seeking in a titleholder if you’re able to see what qualities that they’re looking for you’ll again have an idea of where they see the pageant heading they may say to you like well we’re looking for somebody a little bit older because we want someone with lots of experience in a corporate setting or whatever you know or they may say.

We’re looking for some fresh new energy so we’re looking for someone young they might not have anything to do with characteristics out of your control it might be something that you can control they might say we’re looking for someone with a really strong platform or somebody who is just fully confident or whatever just kind of bits of help to give you an idea okay next question this is one that I find to be vital now.

How do you support your titleholder

But it can’t be asked first but I do believe that it is vital in asking the director how do you support your titleholder throughout the year now this is important to me because when I was competing I wanted to compete in a pageant that was going to be beneficial for me both personally and professionally so for me it was less about I just want to win and it was more about how am I gonna enjoy this year and how I came in I grow from it so I was looking for certain answers in this like I wanted to have the support of somebody.

That was willing to help me grow so I didn’t want them just giving me information and sending me off on appearances I wanted a partner someone that was going to be able to give me information about the insider scoop you know and show me about the history of the pageants and that type of thing so that’s what the answer.

We let the girl have her year all to herself

I was looking for oftentimes I got answers about the excellent financial support they might say well we give a lot of sponsorship we or we had a lot of sponsorships rather and we give a lot of scholarships so those things can be very valuable to a person they may also say something completely different which is you know we let the girl have her year all to herself and we try not to bother her much okay well that’s fine too.

If that’s what you’re looking for but if you want a really strong solid support system you may not necessarily get it from that type of director, okay and then the final question for directors is what restrictions do you ask for so what restrictions do request or require of your titleholder sometimes tight our directors have certain restrictions like you only can get wardrobe from this the pageant sponsors or maybe a restriction that they might have is.

If you are dating somebody your car can’t be parked outside of their house I know that was actually in the Miss multiverse contract when I was going through the system in the Miss multiverse system and I was like okay that’s an interesting one that’s not one I would have considered but okay fair enough you know it’s easy enough to do so you want to consider what restrictions they have to see how that’s going to impact your life and if it’s still something that you’re willing to pursue so.

The director let them know hi I’m interested in your pageant

I recommend that you contact the director let them know hi I’m interested in your pageant I’m excited about it I have a few questions just to see if it would be a good fit for me would it be okay if I asked you five questions and then there are your five get some quick answers and stuff and then you’ll be able to get kind of intuition if it’s right for you or not okay five more questions these are the ones that.

I want you to ask former titleholders in best case scenario this title holders would have been working with the same directors because that would be ideal really to know how they were working with those titleholders and how that how the director is however if you cannot get access to a title border that worked with that director like maybe it’s a new director this year or you’re not able to get in touch with the last two and so you have to go three years back.

Whatever try to find someone as most near in the history of time and if you can find more than one even better first question I like to ask a former titleholder what was your year like by simply leaving it open what was your year like instead of was it a good year was it about here you’re giving them full rein to share with you whatever comes top of mind in human psychology.

First maybe even politically correct like

What I have found is that usually, it takes people to get over the negatives to get to the positives from a traumatic experience okay so if you have a title that you’re talking to who’s had a horrific year it’s likely that she’s going to attempt to say it first maybe even politically correct like she might say well you know it really was a tough year but and then share something else whatever she says first that’s really what you want to go after because.

That’s gonna be the inside there is the clue as to how your year may go what was it like how would you have a major year better this I think is excellent because hindsight is 20/20 and oftentimes when somebody has a rough year as a title hoarder which believes me that is I’ve interviewed so many title hoarders that I just can tell you it is not all rainbows and puppy dogs it can be very very difficult you’re pulled in a million different directions and you are you’re trying to get a sense of pleasing people.

But you’re also trying to make the most of your year so this kind of like a stretch of balance and so a lot of things can change if it’s not a good fit or if you don’t have a director that’s willing to work with you then a lot of that stuff can kind of bounce around a bit so by asking how would you make it better you might get insights about things that they would have done differently the things that they how they would have communicated differently maybe.

The national pageant

What may be something that they would have done going in their route to the national pageant so there are lots of little tricks that you can get out of how would you make your year better third question for a former titleholder what was the biggest surprise that you encountered now I typically ask that question third because if you ask it first then you might get some like oh happy you know kind of sugar-coated surprise but.

Usually, after you get through how would you have made your year better now the former contestant performer titleholder is like the indoor year she’s like really remembering her year now so now she’ll be able to think back yeah what was it like when I first won this title what was I shocked by I just think that’s such a great question and I’ve had a lot of really cool answers by that what was your biggest surprise all year long.

What do you wish you would have known I think this one is so cool what do you wish you would have known the answers that you get for that are everything from here’s what you need to do to prepare for your national title or you know here’s how to work best with the director or you know here’s a little quick tip that might be useful for you you know here’s a social media thing that you need to know about.

What to expect for the year should you win

I mean there are so many different things that could come out of this question I just think it’s spectacular and it will give you great insights into what to expect for the year should you win what is the most important skill to be successful in this title when I ask titleholders that and when people have asked me that like well how do you win or what do you need to do what do you need to know about oftentimes at the end of the year right so.

Now you don’t typically think about this before you go to your national pageant if you’re in a system that continues to grow but after the year when you have that reflection and you’re thinking what was the thing that got me through this year what was the trait what was the quality that maybe I wished I would have had or the thing that.

A job interview or during a job interview

I know I leaned into the entire year if you can think about the skill or the quality the characteristic that would make you successful that is spectacular because then you can weigh against now is this something that I know that I have that I can do that I can contribute or is this something.

I’m still working on and maybe this isn’t a right fit now I think that lot of these questions almost every single one of these questions is also questions that you ought to ask before a job interview or during a job interview before you accept a position because in the same way that pageants lead to that job of service throughout an entire year a job interview it’s useful to have this information as well.

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