How to start your own pageant
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How to start your own pageant

Introduction Of How to start your pageant

How to start your pageant. Starting your pageant well you’ve come to the right channel just to give you a little bit of my background I started competing in pageants when I was 19 years old and completely fell in love now I have been competing in pageants for over 25 years large pageant systems small pageant systems state-level local level and even national level but my biggest accomplishment was when.

How You Started Pageant System Completely From Scratch

I started my pageant system completely from scratch I built it up from a local level to a city level to a state level and then eventually we went national so I am here to give you the first seven must-do steps to make a successful pageant system for your number one most important step is your pageant system name.

We’ve all heard of Miss multiverse you have to come up with a name that brands yourself and keeps you separate from the one thing you don’t want to do is copy anyone’s pageant system name so I’m going to use my pageant system name I came up with the name United southern states pageant I did that because I’m based out of Texas and I researched every city to make sure that nobody was using that name once.

I had to go on moving forward I went to my local courthouse I followed a DBA under that name with that DBA I was officially a sole proprietor so you’re able to go open up a bank account and now you officially have your pageant system so to age-division what that means is what is your age criteria for your pageant that you’re wanting to start so you could have junior teen miss but there are also two others that I found to be very successful with mine and that was the MS and the missus.

Step number three is your location for your venue

So the Menace was more of a broader range of ages and different circumstances for example the MS could be anyone 19 through 35 single or divorced that was the one age division that seemed to fill the spots the fastest so that is something to consider step number three is your location for your venue so two options if you are at a local and even maybe even at a state level you can host your pageant and a school auditorium theater or a local theater.

This is very affordable and they have a sound crew they will have people set up your mic for you now there is a rental fee for this and but it is very very affordable you would just have to rent it for the entire day so that you could have your rehearsals that morning and then the pageant that evening so that always works well too but if you were to go in a national level that’s when you’re going to need to start visiting some hotels so hotels have ballrooms.

That usually based on how many rooms you block will determine the price of that Ballroom so if you have 25 contests and you know that 25 rooms are going to be blocked well that hotel will work with you on the price of that ballroom so that is the one you know best tip I can give is if you’re going to go to national level use hotel hotels are great because they have conference rooms they have ballrooms and meeting spaces that you will need now.

Start promoting your pageant

I always chose a hotel that was near the airport because I had girls flying in from other states and most hotels will provide a free shuttle from the local airport so keep that in mind if you’re going to go at a national level you want to use a hotel that is near an airport so once you have your location and your venue.

You’re gonna have to have your date set at that time as you booked your venue now you are ready to market and start promoting your pageant but one really good great advice I can give yourself six months to a year to promote this first of all your brand new your new pageant system no one knows you from anywhere number four now this is your administrative this is where you’re sitting at your desk and you’re.

You’re trying to come up with rules and regulations lost the title and benefits these are the things that are going to be very important and I will share with you if you leave me a comment and you’re wanting to start your pageant system I will share with you what rules and regulations I have from my pageant system so I’m willing to share that information because that’s it very important you will have requirements as far as how many appearances.

What social media can do to help you grow your pageant business

A year you’re wanting them to things like that especially what requirements to enter and be in the pageant so number five marketing this can be so much fun because you can do this yourself I mean you don’t need to hire help for this you just need to create a Facebook page and an Instagram you can do sponsored ads which you can keep it a very low budget even five dollars a day five dollars a week whatever your budget is you can even target market.

If you’re in a local level you can do different zip codes if you’re at a state-level you can just do the whole state is so amazing what social media can do to help you grow your pageant business back when I was getting mine started we had to advertise in local newspapers so I’m a big believer in social media so create that Facebook page and create that Instagram because that is what’s going to help you grow number six your awards and your prizes hmm well.

It’s a Tulsa most contestants in your pageant they’re wanting the crown and the sash they’re not to worry about the prizes that are just a bonus so don’t kill yourself on that and think that you have to provide this ginormous prize package it could be just a piece of jewelry from your local jewelry store and they’re willing to donate it because it’s been on the shelf for two years and no one purchased it just gotta think outside the box on your prices okay and number seven.

Recruit your judges

You are going to need to recruit judges so without judges you really cannot have a pageant so that’s gonna take a lot of time to discuss the best way to recruit your judges I have lots of tips and advice on that I’m gonna upload another video but you will also need to find an emcee and I have lots of tips and advice on how you can find someone locally to emcee your pageant so.

Now that you have all the steps necessary you’ve found your name you’ve got your venue you’ve got your location you’ve got your date you’ve created your logo your marketing on Facebook and Instagram you’ve got your awards you are so excited you’re getting your pageant launched you’ve got your judges lined up in your emcee now you are officially a pageant owner and you can turn it into such a great thing for you over the years that I have been in pageants.

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