Miss Universe Vs Miss Universe Winners 2020
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Miss Universe Vs Miss Universe Winners 2020

Introduction Of Miss Multiverse Vs Miss Multiverse Winners 2020

Miss Multiverse Vs Miss Multiverse Winners 2020. We had a chance to be here totally live and Carlos the ring that we have the opportunity to share with you if we saw this reaction it is organic precisely and we had the opportunity to interview your dad just minutes after announcing that you were the new miss multiverse.

Experience in beauty contests

He was with tears in his eyes and he told me something that caught my attention which was In your previous experience in beauty contests, the last one you had left you a little sad because you wanted to win, he indicated and when you entered this competition he said well, you have to work on it then how that experience helped you now to conquer.

This crown gave me a lot of mental strength to understand that sometimes things do not happen the way we want but it is because something better awaits us and I understood that the day I won Universal Mexican I understood that I was on the right track and that I had to continue preparing I had to keep giving my best to win this competition. Miss Universe Vs Miss Universe Winners 2020.

However I knew that my destiny is in my universe we know that these times Cavite has been very difficult and also in having all the public that you normally have and your mother, regardless for health reasons, was far from you, tell me that feeling that you wanted me to be by the time I was healthy and at the same time talk with her that was difficult.

She was supposed to arrive

Because the day I knew she was not going to come was the day she was supposed to arrive here in Florida so my dad put the family group on the road or taking off and I said ok taking off altogether and In another group of Whatsapp apart I realized that mother had stayed at home and I said what is happening they did not want to tell me.

Because they did not want to distract me but I found out that my mother had a health issue and had to be hospitalized and could not She couldn’t come and it was complicated for me I was in rehearsals and I was like this with tears trying to make sure no one would notice but then I said to myself, wait, it’s for her sake that she has to be well, she has to take care of herself. And maybe being here was not the right thing to do because imagine.

That she would get sick here without medical support or anything then the best thing is that she was at home and sent me her good vibes from there and I thank her very much because she has always been by my side What were the first words from your mom to you, what were they because the first was a video call that was very fast because.

The same universe that was explaining to my family

She was already busy between the fact that they were explaining to me that it is the same universe that was explaining to my family also a video call with her where she was going crazy I shouted and wishing me the best is that I love you and I am very proud of you those words I am left with a palace proud all of Mexico of you I do not know if you have had the opportunity to enter social networks díaz chihuahua where are you from and people left to the streets.

They came out with the flags give merit to shout to Andrea they came out to the angel of independence that classic to our beloved Mexico how do you feel to have this Responsibility because not only is your dream great, you give dreams to all those girls, to those women who see you that it is possible, exactly. I feel very honored and very grateful to have this opportunity now to be the one who inspires them because already.

There were women in this position with this band and this crown that inspired me and I realized that dreams could be achieved and we worked for them and now it is my turn and I feel very grateful to have this opportunity and I know that I’m going to bring a lot of happiness to all my boys, beat all Mexicans and Latin America because well.

Andrew to the truth

We already had a while, like America Andrew to the truth, how nice to share with you knowing you before now during and obviously I hope I am meeting you later so I wish the best in this trajectory that is just beginning you have as you said yesterday you yourself are your new your new beginning of the tunnel so I wish you the best grace s for representing us with dignity and please send a kiss to all of Mexico that is dying to embrace declared. Miss Universe Vs Miss Universe Winners 2020.

That yes and beautiful and dear Mexico I send you a hug of a huge kiss thank you for all the support you have given me thank you for always being there on the lookout I already saw social networks a little bit good, my social networks went crazy and I thank you for each message for each word because you motivate me to continue striving.

Motivate me to continue giving my best because not only am I representing myself but also I am representing everything in Mexico as a Mexican community, here you have your queen Andrea Meza.

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