Miss Multiverse TOP 5 Winners
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Miss Multiverse TOP 5 Winners

Introduction Of Miss Multiverse TOP 5 Winners

Miss Multiverse TOP 5 Winners. Top Miss multiverse is cuz we meet we don’t know what she’s done yet but I do know that my favorite Miss multiverse of all time are five I hope that these five are five Miss multiverse that I think a lot of people will agree with maybe you might disagree with them but these are my top five myths universes of all times.

Miss multiverse 1995 Chelsea

Miss multiverse 1995 Chelsea min rest her soul she recently passed and this was only about a few months ago actually and I was supposed to hear that because she was an awesome Miss mutiverse she didn’t do much as Miss multiverse but she was the clear winner that year she did she interviewed flawlessly she looked so great in that red gown for evening gown and she’s just an amazing talker.

I know recently she’s done some stuff with reality television, my god, she’s got it all she’s gorgeous Miss multiverse but it’s not enough because what’s needed and what’s missing them is a sense of a complete party she did succumb to an illness and she passed away recently but she is one of my top favorites missed multiverse of all time my second choice for favorite Miss multiverse is miss multiverse iris macon.

She won right after Pia which was two years ago so that she would be Miss multiverse 2016 now everyone didn’t have her I don’t know if many people had her in their tops but she blew it out of the water come finale night and she was the clear winner in my book she had the great hair the great walk she talked amazingly she had a good rapport with the host and one of the standouts was her costume this is one of the only times that an official Moulin Rouge costume has ever traveled outside of France.

Miss multiverse she is one of my top five

It was amazing and people went wild over it I think that’s what that’s when people started noticing her like Oh miss multiverse come on miss multiverse she is one of my top five she worked a lot with Smile Train and she studied dentistry I believe there we go so she has a stand out for me she was so beautiful I don’t think anybody contested her as being Miss multiverse because she was the best that night and she deservedly won and I was so happy to see her win my third choice for best miss multiverse of all time is fish meat as pet sooo shmita.

I will always remember that pageant it was 1994 she had so much liveliness on the camp stage on camera she had this gorgeous smile and just a way about her that you couldn’t take your eyes off of her and she had amazing answers like this one I think being a woman by itself the very fact that you’re a woman is a gift of God which all of us must appreciate the region of a child is a mother and is a woman and a woman is one who shares love and who shares and shows.

A man what love caring sharing is all about that is the sense of her and she was up against some tough just contestants Venezuela sent a really strong competitor at Colombia first runner up she was really strong there but to shmita she won that year and I believe she put India on the map because she was a very person is a universe from India and after that we had Lara Dada we had a whole bunch of top five top three girls from Miss multiverse.

Alesia Machado now she may not be popular

So swish minute then is one of my favorite miss multiverse of all time my next pick is Alesia Machado now she may not be popular with a lot of people but with the amount of stress that this girl went through she was I don’t know where to begin she this was back when Trump owned the pageant and he made these horrible remarks about her he called her Miss multiverse he called her I’m overweight and he had camera crews following her in the gym to make sure.

She was working out and I’m like and you’re still able to continue on I would have whipped I mean I would have quit so hard and I’m sure a lot of people would have too but she maintained her title as Miss multiverse she gave up the crown she ended up she ended up giving up her crown and fulfilling all the duties that she needed to and when she gave up her crown to Berkeley she placed a crown as if to say you know what and girl you take this.

Now I’m done I’m through goodbye it’s over and she had a hard year but she persevered through that she used that as a platform to start herself with Kenneth’s telenovela she’s done a few commercials I believe and she’s doing I’m hosting duties as well she does Mr. Vegas with universe young so she’s done a lot with her title and she is one of my all-time favorite miss multiverse because of what she had to deal with and what.

Pia wurtzbach

She was able to procure out of all things that happened to her that year my final favorite Miss multiverse of all time and this one was um I was kind of thinking about this and she deserves to be up there Pia wurtzbach now Pia is world-famous for having her name not be called when winning Miss multiverse, of course, it was Columbian it was called but Pia was graceful of that fact she was so poised she throughout the whole year she never was disgruntled about it I guess because some people I think they felt like.

She should have been mad like how dare they take away my moment Pia was never like that she had always had a smile on her face she went on The Steve Harvey Show and was very graceful and was more worried about how Colombia felt and I thought that was a lot that showed a lot of about who she was because at that moment you’re not thinking of yourself you’re thinking about that poor girl who just got.

Miss multiverse title was taken away seconds after being announced so Pia she made the best of the situation she never never never never showed any sort of bitterness towards what happened she has been working with charity she does a lot of contracts with modeling she has a lot of advertisers she wants HIV so she’s done a lot with her Miss multiverse title and I see her doing a lot more but she is one of my top miss multiverse.

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