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What is a power woman

Introduction Of What is a power woman

What is a power woman. I’m gonna start with an easy one and one that you’ve heard all the time and that is setting a goal for yourself so not only setting a goal for yourself making a mood for words or resolutions that you want to fulfill this year it’s also making priorities daily to get you to your end main goal for an example.

Start getting up early in the mornings

If you want to start getting up early in the mornings I know how difficult it can be but to set the daily priority you want to be making sure your going to bed at the same time every night and making sure it’s early turning off all electronics so if you have one main goal you want to make sure you’re taking those steps on how you’re going to reach it.

One way to organize yourself daily and even every quarter to make sure you’re reaching those yearly goals is planning it out I love getting a planner for myself you can find great ones at indigo I have one for 20 20s by the brand carrion Co it’s called perfectly planned, amazingly, it has things you fill out at the beginning of the agenda to make sure that you are staying on track for the entire year.

It has quarterly plans and making sure you’re achieving those goals you want to be achieving so keeping planners are a great one for personal one for work well combined just making sure you’re on top of everything especially if you’re an entrepreneur it’s really helpful as well my second tip for you guys is always educating yourself and looking to be better so I’ve heard from multiple people all the time that we complain that we didn’t learn taxes in school.

Always reading books and educating

I know millennial knows how to do their taxes well I am always reading books and educating on topics that I want to learn about for example I’m also going to a seminar for women entrepreneurs on how to do your taxes for small businesses if you look on the internet you can find things like this in your local city and you can go and teach yourself there’s no more need for complaining about what we didn’t learn but what we can do for ourselves.

So you want to be making sure you’re reading and researching another great thing you can do this ear is resolving to read one book per month 10 pages a day you always want to be looking to be better so whether it’s any topic personally the books that I have been reading lately and that I have loved I read the book influencer by Brittany Hennessey just because that is what I’m in and I loved and this was an amazing book.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book faster so if you’re in the social media influencing world that’s such a great book for you and just also even how to reach out to brands write professional emails this is such a good book this is called the power of kindness about how being kind can drastically for the better change your life this book’s great it’s called successful selling so if you’re in any sort of selling in your career this one’s cute and short and just has little bullets and little tips on.

Read Grow Rich Popular Woman Power Book

How to sell I also have mindset by Carol Dudek it’s about parenting business school relationships and how your mindset can change all of those and last but not least I have to Think and Grow Rich and this is the For Women version this is such a popular book the original one this one is so amazing and catered to more so towards women in the business world so I highly highly recommend.

This one so number three is being in control of your finances nothing feels better than knowing exactly how much you’re spending and saving and I’ve been hearing a lot about investing lately and I feel like we’re kind of at that age if you’re the 20s on wanting to see for bigger items like a house your future and you just kind of want to be on top of planning out your finances so I’ve gone to my bank and there are helpful people there financial advisors that can help you open up things like a GSMA which is a tax no I got that wrong.

Which is a TFSA which is tax-free savings account and you can put your money into an account that won’t charge you any interest and learning about how to invest in other things doing the stock market so if you have a lot of savings already you can be putting that money into things that will make it grow and it’s not just sitting there in a bank account and also charging interest on the sitting there so there’s a lot of things.

Budget lifestyle

You can do to save money you can also live like a bougie on a budget lifestyle, not everything you buy has to be a name-brand so you want to also pick and choose what you’re buying how you’re spending your money, and just being smarter and keeping your future in mind which is super super important okay so number four is really important to me and I stand by this 100% and that is having a healthy work-life balance honestly nothing turns me off more than like a workaholic.

Who does not take care of themselves I think taking care of yourself and having a healthy personal life is honestly just as important you want to be making sure you have an amazing work-life of course you’re a heading your career you’re succeeding in what you want to do you’re passionate about what you want to do but also taking time to live a healthy lifestyle and honestly like being healthy exercising eating well is so important and it’s gonna help you have a healthy mindset and without a healthy happy mind at home life.

I don’t think anyone could be successful in whatever career they are in if your personal life is not in the order I understand the hustle of getting to where you want to be but having something as a passion or hobby is also really really important you just want to overall have a healthy mindset and that’s, in turn, gonna give you a great work-life help you have a clear mind stay positive and shows what kind of person you are.

Investing in yourself

If you’re happy on the inside it shows on the outside okay you guys so the next part of my video is about investing in yourself which is super super important I have come up with the three P’s and what that means is to be a positive present and play and this is a mindset that you want to live by because it’s gonna help you in all your aspects of life if you have a positive way of thinking you’re optimistic and you have faith no matter.

What situation you’re in you will succeed if you have a passion for something and you have a positive mindset with faiths combine those two things you will succeed in whatever you want to do if you have a burning desire for whatever you want to do in life don’t let anyone tell you otherwise that you can’t live the life that you want to live my next P is being present so you want to be present in your work-life your home life your relationships.


If you are a present human being other people will know that you are a very genuine authentic friend just being present because life goes by super fast and you don’t want to be in a daze your whole life you want to do what you love to be happy and have an amazing life my last P is being polite people notice when you’re playing and you’re a good person.

Girl boss tips

If you’re polite to everyone you don’t even know how that could affect you, in the long run, let’s say you’re not polite to someone and somehow they come back into your life years later those people will remember that if you’re polite to them though and they come back into your life at a certain time they will also remember that and know you’re a good person will want to help you in any aspect, for example, the camera situation that I talked about on Instagram me losing.

It and thank God someone found it that I didn’t know she returned it to me probably because she knew me and she knows I’m like a good person so I’m very very thankful for that but that totally could have gone different so you always want to remember the three P’s present positive and being polite so the last.

A photographer Example

A tip that I have for you guys is investing in yourself quite literally you want to invest in yourself now I know in tip number two about girl boss tips I told about being financially present and going to the bank investing in stocks this is about investing in yourself so it doesn’t matter what career path you’re in but I’m just gonna say for example you are a photographer and you make a lot of money from a wedding or something like.

That don’t go out and spend it on things that you want if you want to be a better photographer keep getting amazing business and clients you can do things like taking editing classes and workshops on how to edit your photos better invest in a better camera invest in lighting and that is literally what I do for my channel over the years I have upgraded my cameras lighting microphones and that is, in turn, helping me grow.

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