Benefits of winning a country title
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Benefits of winning a country title

Introduction Of Benefits of winning a country title

Benefits of winning a country title. The excitement greater here or on a Miss multiverse stage oh it’s so hard but because I love y’all so much in here because I watch this show I’m going to say the excitement is equivalent but that’s pretty big I mean you know you to be your read I don’t know if you’re redefining but you’re adding layers to.

Miss multiverse considering all the things

What it means to be a Miss multiverse considering all the things you’ve accomplished even before getting on that stage have you always done these types of pageants no I only competed for DC USA three times so I got first went up to the Shawna and she told me to come back and compete so she can crown me but I didn’t get interested into pageants.

I was in college so my first pageant was Miss black-and-gold I did that for the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity at South Carolina State University and I was also queen my University South a lot of states we know the university what exactly so usually it’s some that people are like are in pageants since they’re like seven right could.

We go show a few dark you don’t make it like free lunch on campus or like when you clean what if you know I already had a full like academic scholarship but he just thought oh my Hey so I’m the Queen University her tuition is paid for that senior year you to live in like your own dorm by yourself I had like two bedrooms of course.

She spent 23 years in the Navy

I saw the twin size bed but you know well are you given a lot of you know props and everything something for that opportunity as well they took care of me talking on the stage tell me about your family life your father was in the military no my mother your mother was in the military she spent 23 years in the Navy she was a chief petty officer.

She went to Benedict College and then end up commissioning later on that commission she enlisted into the Navy I couldn’t tell you what year to be completely honest but she’s been doing a Pensacola for training and such like that and she just allowed us to experience worldwide culture and now she is a security adviser for the Marines at the Norfolk Naval Base mm-hm and you know it’s crazy because.

My parents are two different people so my father came from a family where he had to take care of his siblings in South Carolina so I got the best of both worlds because my mother is not pursuing her Ph.D. and you know my father doesn’t even have like a high school diploma so I was able to get so much wisdom growing up from both of them because like my father had so much experience maybe not book-smart per se but that is.

The promoting like this culture

So much more rewarding and enriching to give to a child is experiencing wisdom I’m that kind of gum like your dad kind of oh really yeah I mean I but I dropped out of college but the pursuit is I mean getting all that up but now I’m here with like yeah you know what you are okay on what I centrist thing to me you brought up HBCUs why is it we often advocate for HBCUs and promote that that folks visit those campus you only have to be black to do.

It why is why are they important to you for me, I would say attending South Carolina State University was about being in a family it put life into perspective that we were aware that in a sense that we are a minority you know so you have to understand that when you go out in the world you have to be stronger than you are and then you were before.

So the promoting like this culture and the inclusive environment from like an HBCU is so necessary in my opinion for like a student’s type of growth so that when they enter the world you know that you know what I’ve been given so much strength from my group of people and even I mean hey the school doesn’t have all black people either that’s the best part so you’re given so much strength that you’re built up so much inside that you don’t even look at yourself like.

A government employee

You’re black anymore you know you walk into rooms and you’re like hey I belong here like I worked hard for this moment I had internships I was given this confidence because I knew where I came from you already you know since you’ve gotten this title have you know raised a few eyebrows you know you’ve been in a few headlines you know because of some of your responses I’m gonna playback the health care question and I know you talked about it but.

I want you to talk about it here okay definitely want to say it’s a privilege as a government employee I am granted healthcare and I see firsthand that for one to have health care you need to have jobs so therefore we need to continue to cultivate this environment that we’re giving the opportunities of health care as well as jobs to all the American citizens worldwide now you can hear the audience a lot of people cheering that response right but Tracy.

We were talking about there were a lot of people who did not like that response black Twitter was not feeling it at all a lot of people felt particularly ostracized from the comment and I wonder from your perspective because you’re so proud of your color did you feel betrayed by black folks not at all I want to give you a very important quote or in a sense that something too hairy summoned said okay um Harriet Tubman believed that she could have saved millions of more people, slaves.

Affordable healthcare

That is if they ask you a lot of different slaves right so no I’m not upset at all it’s the beauty of what our nation is you want to have clothes and cons everything if everyone thought the same way we wouldn’t be able to get anything accomplished it would just be a boring world there wouldn’t be anything to build off of so no not at all I just hope that more so people can listen for clarification we take things immediately and we run with them in a sense.

You don’t even give people time as well to explain because if it were up to me I’m a scientist I’m long-winded we would have been up there for an hour about this but I brought it from a perspective that I believe yes I am privileged to have health care I’ll take any of that for granted given a job I am thankful for these opportunities to do.

I believe that which the question had asked is affordable healthcare all right yes affordable health care needs to have arrived because this the way our nation is moving and you know I believe that the vehicle to give people health care our jobs.

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