How to make money as a beauty queen
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How to make money as a beauty queen

Introduction Of How to make money as a beauty queen

How to make money as a beauty queen. What route to go to be successful and how do I get into it right so that’s what I want to answer today and hopefully clarify all your different options within the beauty industry you don’t have to be a salon owner to be successful in the beauty industry honestly you don’t have to do hair to be successful you don’t have to be amazing at social media to be successful within the beauty industry.

To be successful in the beauty industry

You can choose different paths for example you can decide to be a contractor what I mean by the contractor is if you like to do hair or makeup or nails anything in the beauty industry once you know what you want to do even if you do all of that you can be a contractor and work for someone else out there so long okay the good thing about being a contractor is you’re still working for yourself you’re still building your crack clientele and you’re still making money.

But you don’t have the responsibility and the headache of running a whole business so that’s a nice thing about being a contractor you don’t even have to a lot of the times find your clients tell the salons will give you clients and you get a percentage of the services you provide the second option is to be a renter so what you are as a renter at a salon is you own your own business within the salon so you’re renting.

A room you can still run your own business manage your clientele check them out yourself keep your client’s list have your prices do all of that and all you’re doing is renting a room it’s kind of like renting an apartment in a building you own that space right and it’s the same way how it works at salons and like that it’s you have a little bit more of liability compared to a contractor but you have less liability than running.

How to run a business

A whole salon you can manage your self and your clients and have the freedom of doing what you want without having to worry about knowing how to run a business so this is a really good option for a lot of people I want to say versus owning a salon because honestly, that’s our third thing so another thing is you can own a salon in the beauty industry but owning a salon is not only something that you do is if you just love the beauty industry.

You also have to be a really good entrepreneur have all don’t renewal skills to be a successful salon owner or else you will be miserable owning a salon if you don’t have the skills for an entrepreneur but I will have another video in a couple of weeks about entrepreneurship and what are the top skills that you should work on to build to be a successful entrepreneur so stay tuned for that the four things you can do is you can be a blogger.

If you don’t like to deal with people much you don’t want to take too much of risk into owning a space or I don’t know even trying to build clientele being a blogger in the beauty industry is huge nowadays for example there’s this thought forum called so you can make videos for the beauty industry you can test out products and give people your reviews and feedback that’s.

The physical services yourself

A whole other business and that includes social media and Instagram having followers different companies reaching out to you to advertise their products so all of this kind of fits under the blogger world and like I said again you can do it within the beauty industry and this might be a better fit for you if you’re somebody that prefers to work on your own and provide and you like to be in front of the camera or take pictures or talk and explain.

If you feel like this is something that you’re better ads versus doing the physical services yourself like applying the makeup or styling the hair then this may be the better fit for you in the beauty industry the fifth thing you can do if you want to be in the beauty in this and you’re not quite sure how or which area of the beauty industry you want to get into is salons or beauty corporations there are all businesses so they all have different roles.

That you can fill if it’s marketing accounting front bath anything so all these businesses have all the different roles any other business has that’s in the beauty industry so if you specifically love the beauty industry but then you may not want to do the services yourself you may not be great at social media or vlogging you don’t feel like that’s fit for you but you may have great marketing ideas or you may want to do some public relations events right.

What you want to do

So you can probably get a job within a beauty company to do this job so you’re still around the beauty that’s what you love that’s what you’re doing but you’re still making it fit towards what you’re good at and what you like to do within the beauty industry so this is very important to find specifically what you want to do that’s the only way you’re gonna be successful is to narrow down and take the area or the job you want in the beauty industry then you can move forward taking.

The baby steps and baby goals to get there the sixth thing you can do is be a reseller or a distributor for example let’s say you love a specific brand so you’re giving it that’s my brand but let’s say you like a specific friend right well you can do is you can be a reseller or a distributor for that brand what you can do is you can buy two products in bulk for a lower price and resell them for a higher price for profit so this is more of a sales position so.

If you feel like you’re good you’re persuasive you have good sale selling skills people usually listen to you of the products or things you recommend to them then this may be a good fit for you so again that’s already six different options in six different areas that you can focus on in the beauty industry let’s move on to option number seven so you can also be a franchise owner okay so what fine choices are is you pay X amount to buy.

Get profits off

A business right and then you get profits off of that and percent of that you give back to that brand for example McDonald’s is a franchise so every owner of McDonald’s is a different person and they pay some of their profits to the McDonald’s franchise so that’s a very simplified way of explaining franchise but that may be another option for you but you do need a lot of money initially to invest in a franchise but a reason why that can be.

A good option for you is because you don’t have to start fresh start over to start a business to build a brand to build the customers it takes a lot to start a new business you may be a really good entrepreneur and be good at running a business but you don’t want to do all that initial startup work so then that’s the route you can take if you have the money in the funds or the credits that you can get a business loan with and invest in a franchise or get a franchise.

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