Tips to boost SEO for beauty queens
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Tips to boost SEO for beauty queens

Introduction Of Tips to boost SEO for beauty queens

Tips to boost SEO for beauty queens. How to do pageant turns and twirls if you have seen a pageant contestant do an elegant spin on stage and wondered how she does it while keep watching because this video is all about breaking down the mechanics of how you can look just as good doing it you have to forgive me.

Engaged your core at all times especially

I know I’m not wearing that many clothes but the reason why I’m baring my mid-drift isn’t just because I feel pretty good about myself today it’s actually because holding in your core is a huge part of standing on stage you want to hold your core tight now I don’t mean like in a push-up flexed contracted position every time you’re on stage but it’s more about being mindful that a big part of your posture stems from your core it’s almost like a trunk of a tree no matter.

How beautiful the leaves of this tree are it all stems from a very strong and sturdy trunk making sure that you engaged your core at all times especially in sim suit because you want to let your abs come out to play you want to contract them just make sure that you’re always carrying yourself now what you want to watch out for though is don’t suck in your stomach and stick out your ribs because if you’re sucking in your stomach and just holding your breath like this.

This doesn’t look good so you have to make sure to close your ribs you still want to stay lifted but you don’t want to open your ribs, okay you want to keep these ribs closed if you’re like me and you don’t have that much of a booty something you could also do is do a little pelvic tilt forward this tilt I learned from a gym trainer.

Creates the illusion

A couple of years ago creates the illusion of having a badonkadonk all you have to do is just tilt forward you don’t want to stick it out otherwise you’ll look like one of the stepsisters from Cinderella but you want to tilt just a little bit just a little it very subtle right see before after so every time I pose I want to have my booty out just a little bit posing booty out just a little bit okay and holding in my core this is called the double half turn it’s very popular in runways as well. Comment It Tips to boost SEO for beauty queens.

The reason what’s the little double half is that this is the first half and this is the second half so it’s two identical steps repeated one after another after your t-stance you take one step forward leave your head to bring the front foot in repeat okay that’s a double half turn I’ll do it one more time now everything you do on your right leg you have to practice on your left as well because you never know if your choreographer is going to require you to change up your walking pattern here’s.

The left foot okay this is a double half turn I’m gonna do it again you can use this turn almost anytime on stage if you’re given the time this is great for evening gowns as long as you don’t have a train the key with a double half turn is leaving your head and maintaining that eye contact so when you take that first step forward this is the moment you can even open your left shoulder out a little bit and really leave your head and then find the judges again.

Super sky-high pageant heels to learn

This technique is called spotting for dancers leave your head don’t look at my head I’m gonna whip it back around okay so that coordination is key and will help make your turn look more polished and refined the left side now okay take one step forward look at the judges open the shoulder out a little bit keep your core lifted close that left foot intake another step and look for the judges putting.

It all together so when you walk out on stage you want to have eye contact with the judges and always have your face position to the stage I’ll just give you an example you can walk this way do a little turn head head head head okay next let’s talk quickly about shoes don’t go from zero to 100 and put on your super sky-high pageant heels to learn.

How to do this you want to wear heels that are probably about 2 or 3 inches just something that is well broken in something that you are comfortable in because once you get the mechanics of the step then you can always upgrade to the shoe baby steps here because I don’t want any rolled ankles and I want you to get this so just wear something comfortable in my case I’m just wearing some mules and preferably something that will stay on your foot.

Sliding out of your shoe now a pageant

So that you don’t end up sliding out of your shoe now a pageant twirl I don’t even know what the name of this is please leave a comment if you know what this is called or if you have a better name for it I’m just calling it a twirl this is where you take one step forward and you turn as you step I’m going to start going this way so you can see what it looks like from the side so take one step forward and then you want to raise your weight on both balls of both feet.

You’re gonna turn right and at this point, your weight is now on your right foot which frees up your left foot to continue walking keep your weight on both feet take a step forward, and then step weight on both feet take a step forward don’t forget your core holding everything in you lift everything so you’re almost like a dancer like okay hold it up the weight on both feet slowly transfer to the right foot lifting the left and walk the other side take a step with your right foot left foot eleven.

Open cross and then the weight transfers and then you step on your right foot lift take one step forward the other step on the balls of your feet see nothing is on your heels now you raise it weight transfers to the left and then step forward it’s almost harder to do it slowly because you don’t have the momentum helping you move so I’m going to do it faster and you can see that it’s a little bit easier when I have the inertia of the step the key to making this look smooth is really practicing and also making eye contact and leaving your head.

Finish the twirl

So for instance, if I’m doing this turn walking towards the judges I’m gonna be making eye contact with one specific point in the theater step find that point and then walk now on the other leg step step step hope found the point, okay you want to fix it and find that point in the distance step right in my case my point is right into the camera but you can choose any point in the theater it could be here here here here as long as you commit to it. Important To Learn Tips to boost SEO for beauty queens.

When you’re done with that turn this twirl can be done walking towards the judges parallel to the stage what matters is that you really finish the twirl and you almost have to give yourself a push into it if you don’t give yourself enough momentum it’s going to break down and you’re going to need to take a couple of extra steps just know that when you open and you’re closing you almost want to like close your legs this act of closing your legs helps you finish.

The twirl okay step open-close so you’ve been going this way step step step open close it’s all in your inner thigh to close the twirl I almost think of it like you’re using tongs to spin up pasta and it’s this motion in this feeling of spinning it up tightening it up when you’re walking tighten it up when you’re walking also when you practice do everything full-out because when you’re just starting to acquire.

Use your living room

A new skill your muscle memory is latching on to as much familiarity as possible smile lower your shoulders lift your torso close your ribs tilt your pelvis forward straighten your knees when they’re straight to extend your quads do all of this full-out because you want to give your muscle-memory the best chance of falling back to doing it correctly on the day of competition there are already a million things on your mind.

So use this time as your training to work it into your body and get that muscle memory doing it flawlessly I hope this video was helpful to get you started on practicing your double half turn and your twirl now these are all things that you can get with time feel free to rent a dance studio if you’re able to or you can just use your living room I moved the furniture aside.

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