How To Grow Hair Naturally In A Night With Onion

How To Grow Hair Naturally In A Night With Onion

Introduction Of How To Grow Hair Naturally In A Night With Onion

How To Grow Hair Naturally In A Night With Onion. There are a few days and that men have to strictly have the military cut shaved or the iron or in more classic cuts now we can give ourselves the license to have much more creative hairstyles that is why it is important to have long hair that’s why guys I spared no effort in making these types of because I want you to have hair a little more hearty expressive so they feel better with you same and here I am the first guy that I love you share and that I was using a lot to grow my hair much faster is to include large amounts of protein in your diet you guys can’t imagine the importance of protein in the growth of our hair guys hair is a protein, not that boy if you notice but malnourished people.

He following meat foods in your diet red chicken egg nuts chickpeas

Because they cannot feed very well it is not that their hair is opaque and it is more scarce is thin it is precisely because they lack protein so my recommendation is that you include the following meat foods in your diet red chicken egg nuts chickpeas or beans as you know a good Protein feeding is essential to growing hair all share the second tip and it is the following while you are growing the hair please avoid gels or waxes that I have been experiencing a lot and it is that at first, I was trying to control my little horse with to continue like this with gels and well guys that was not only me affecting my scalp with a lot of dandruff but.

I was seeing I was slowing down my hair growth and why do you guys know? that gels and waxes have high amounts of alcohol and well the alcohol greatly decreases hair production so please we are going to avoid both payroll gels and heras the third type that I want to share with you is one of my favorites and the one who most attributed the growth of my hair and it is the use of onion this is obviously not an onion but it is an onion infusion and he is going to explain to you right now how it is prepared to please take a fresh white onion and you are going to remove different rings of this onion then you are going to add them directly into a container with water as many onion rings as you want to then this you will reflect it for 24 hours and here I have an infusion with me guys I luckily had this head that.


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It is a spray type, therefore, it is easier to apply on my hair if you have any other container in trouble simply scoop out the infusion and apply it directly to your hair is wondering andy how did he apply this onion infusion in the hair well guys I’ll tell you that I use throughout the day and when I’m still in the office I apply a little then you can make a demonstration in due course since I have here the brush I go to the bathroom in the office and I just do this then I comb my ordinary hair but I always make sure guys that the infusion touches the scalp is important that the scalp has some amount of this infusion precisely to stimulate the root so that the hair grows something else very important that I have to tell you with this onion infusion that is super effective to grow hair I love it and that is how.

I know you can imagine the jewels have a particular smell not

I know you can imagine the jewels have a particular smell not so strong that depends a lot of how many onions rings you have put in the water however if they have a certain smell a particular smell, therefore, I recommend them to always apply a good perfume a provocative perfume something that disguises a little onion smell especially if you are using the infusion of onion very constantly around here about the best perfumes for men and also here the best perfumes for women in cancer that girls are also interested in this treatment best perfumes for men and best hector boomers for women so explore the fourth tip it is pure common sense it is important that you have the scalp and hair always clean especially if you suffer dandruff is.

The number one enemy to hair growth you Can you guys imagine the havoc and terrible things dandruff does to our hair our scalp not only knocks it down not only conducive to issues such as alopecia but to create super dull hair and not let it grow you know guys always have impeccable hair the fifth guy I love you sharing goes very hand in hand with tip number 2 on the subject of gel use conditioner and meals by the boys when washing the hair use shampoo but do not use conditioner in this treatment of the hair growth I have been experimenting with different things to use shampoo with conditioner the only conditioner only shampoo and not use any product and I realized that.

The best way is to use the only shampoo please avoid conditioner because conditioner somehow softens the scalp makes it greasy makes it dirty has stopped jonás leaves a strange texture in the hair and I feel that those components of the condition definitely and do not let the hair in a normal way so please if we are going to use them only shampoo the sixth tip that I want to share with you to make your hair grow much faster is connected with the biotin compound i in this channel had already talked about this compound that they are going to love biotin not only helps the growth of nails to always have flawless skin but also to hair growth it is complementary it is not fundamental but it is complementary if you want to grow your hair much faster and the seventh type that.

The myth many times they have asked and also been reading it

I want to share with you is basically to demolish the myth many times they have asked and also been reading it on the internet and in magazines and cut the ends of the hair so that the hair grows Guys, this fiber is completely false, this hair, well, the tip like such is already an inert matter this grew is already there simply from decoration what we need to be alive to continue growing is precisely the root therefore by cutting this fiber so to speak inert we are not doing anything we are not sending information to the root as if this had life has nothing to do with cutting the ends well what we are doing delaying the appearance of your hair length you’re just cutting it off and I know and it’s going to eventually look shorter.

So do not cut it as an additional type I want to force what I just to comment on dandruff is our number one enemy for the hair growth knocks him down makes him look much more undernourished greases him well there are many things related to dandruff especially because dandruff has different stages seborrheic dry greasy flaky but.

There are many many types of dandruff in this channel fortunately I had already done an on how to remove dandruff almost and that it has worked wonders for me, so they can learn to remove dandruff at home as is tradition guys in a question for all of you and the question of the century what cut you have at the moment you have a military cut you have the bun that is to say the bow up here you have the Leonardo type of change in the nineties bible type.

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