How To Slim Your Face With Bichectomy Remove Papada Cachetes Before After

How To Slim Your Face With Bichectomy Remove Papada Cachetes Before After

Introduction Of How To Slim Your Face With Bichectomy Remove Papada Cachetes Before After

How To Slim Your Face With Bichectomy Remove Papada Cachetes Before After. I want you to consider the costs first I have very good news for you although nose surgery of the eyelids other cosmetic surgeries are expensive surgery of the bags of Bichat is relatively inexpensive from the cheapest cosmetic surgeries that are out there and it is also one of the fastest because the results They are immediate and it is ambulatory, you will also be asking what they are the objectives of this surgery as I told you guys at the beginning this Surgery consists of removing the bags of fat that we have in our face and that is located just below our cheekbones.

The surgeon is going to do is make a small incision

The only thing the surgeon is going to do is make a small incision here and here inside our mouth very subtle not very invasive and it will remove all that fat Later on he will also explain what the risks of this surgery are. Another more important questions that you should be asking is andy I am not suitable to undergo bicha surgery, take an I have the cheeks enough cuts and well I want to remove all the excess fat that I have on the face guys first take into account your hormonal changes and your eating habits as I have always told you guys it is no use that you do cosmetic surgeries like liposuction or like the bicha act of mine if you keep eating obsessively regardless of being removed.


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The bags of Villar it is very possible that you continue to develop a thick neck double chin and well the body is also quite obese due to your bad eating habits so don’t waste money, first, get on a good diet and then until surgery and here comes the most important part of this article what are the risks of atomic vision surgery there are many, many risks like any cosmetic surgery but punctually my insect gives me a lot of fear in some important points the first of they are that you know that our face is full of nerves the one that made our nerves the ones that allow us to make different expressions how to open your mouth how to smile how to be sad other than to move even.

The cheeks speak make expressions raise them

The cheeks speak make expressions raise them you let them lower the hardware or things of that nature our face is full of nerves and Well, in some cases, in some cases, I was studying about happiness. autonomy I realized that this surgery can affect those nerves of the face therefore it can lead to facial paralysis, imagine guys who you can only move one side of your face and the other completely paralyzed talking like that ta ta ta ta ta and all that part falhas fallenecisely because the nerves died thanks to this surgery, as I tell you, these are remote cases, they are cases where the surgeon does not do a good job or no previous studies were done on the autonomy of our body or the client apart from the risks of facial paralysis that. Read more How To Slim Your Face With Bichectomy Remove Papada Cachetes Before After.

We can experience thanks to the bicha there is still also the deformation of our face since today with that I do not know if you know some celebrities who they have made the atomic bicha and well, it looks quite sickly I have always considered that chubby round cheeks are not they only give more youth they make the person healthier but it makes them see much, much more tender I do not say it for myself obviously but later for the beautiful girls out there who have the caccachet itsubby and well they look very very pretty I come back to the topic that there are results that they do for the very sick women men and women because they look like this.

The virus of the latest new human efficiency like AIDS

They are left with their faces completely sucked, they know we have cheekbones obviously but when removing the bags of bicBichate cheekbones look a lot much more prominent and this lower part looks skeletal, it was left clek and we already know guys what the characteristics of people who have, for example, cancer or who are dying thanks to the virus of the latest new human efficiency like AIDS or people who are going through serious moments of malnutrition that the first thing you notice has finished or sucked so to speak is the part of the face below the cheekbones and well, we don’t want those results like this we want to look sophisticated.

We want to look good but not malnourished or sickly by those guys if they want to do this intervention please talk to your plastic surgeon first and tell him what are the results they are going to have they are not going to want this completely sucked or malnourished because they are going to be seen on permits around here I’m going to leave them several images of some celebrities who turned to me and then for my concept they were very bad [Music] His cheekbones are super prominent as if he had put two balls of silicone and they also look sick completely sucked you are leaving to imagine who these celebrities are I can not put them to the complete because.

You can not remove it but you are going to guess lost it’s all bad news I’ll also leave you two or three images of some sensational results that were achieved thanks to the big Wichita [Music] no and after seeing these steps of the Victoria will deflare that this is not for you and that this surgery is not it is for you I have also good news you can reduce the size of your cheeks at home with homemade methods around here I’m going to leave you to learn to reduce the size of their cheeks to see the line of the jaw very much much more fixed and much much more elegant and Also reduce the size of the double chin to learn and finally I want to close this article with a personal experience. I tell guys that I went to the plastic surgeon to do.

I have nose surgery and things of that nature

A review of routhe tine of my nose you guys have that I have nose surgery and things of that nature and I was also asking this same surgeon if I was a candidate to get an atomic visa because sometimes I feel uncomfortable with my cheeks and things from our list however between the two we conclude what I was already telling you at the beginning of this article the cheeks or the accumulation of fat in this area can see do can do see the person a little younger or a little fresher and others I guarantee guys that as we get older this sanity Cachetitos positions are going to disappear precisely because of the headquarters are guys that as.

We age our muscle mass and well our muscles and our fat is disappearing each time we are decreasing each time we getting thinner so why speed up the process of aging giving the fat that we have in our cheeks I’m a fan of chubby cheeks all my life I have struggled with cheeks sinking skull, you cannot imagine how thin I am It was when I was younger and I had exactly super sunken cheeks and everyone asked me if I was sick and now that I have my caccachette a little fatter because I can’t take off through the bicha take me I am not at all a candidate for that surgery me you like my cheeks and I want to invite all of you to keep your cheeks.

Because they give youth, freshness, I don’t like them, but they are also I respect people who don’t like it and who want to get rid of these cheeks ok, guys he, re this article on the side and bye, take each person It is a different world and I understand that many of you must have complexes on their cheeks they feel that they look bad unsophisticated they look fat well things of that nature do not look good and I always advocate for cosmetic surgeries to return part of our self-esteem, for example when I had an eagle nose.

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