Top 10 pageant bloopers caught on camera
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Top 10 pageant bloopers caught on camera

Introduction Of Top 10 pageant bloopers caught on camera

Top 10 pageant bloopers caught on camera. What destiny Miss Multiverse Australia I’ve missed and beauty ain’t even enough in confidence the super confident high more than young reprocess and Sonya so even when we are outdoors we also did some skincare I Hindi you naughty need the cameras on foxy Sarita neither shall belong this universe another shot beyond.

Miss Multiverse 2003

This universe Australia Thank You number nine you might evolution such a puppy Miss Multiverse 2003 well for the nice animal debauchery you and honestly, that’s a fast it was in Serbia Montenegro I’ve been a Samana but I mean if they about the inside mind is a Yamaha 2ch a certain owner Waco every two big attaboys I’m going to see what yeah well I’m a human being and I don’t know how is it to be a fire or water Prado that’s on your makeup.

He needs a severe adobo chef I’m giving up oil to be the hidden money chemical elements of vanilla I’m a human being girl which has emotion and fire and the voter doesn’t care excellent job ladies number eight girl power or something some basic subpoena business may be a pageant host Nanak’s an apartment show bring money no amount at Hindi Padmini may be held if women were to bring the world by the year 2040 kinda became.

Sabrina laminate

Mehcad number by a neck Sabrina laminate also kept our salvation is more than the memory of a beam element and coming at me again the history lesson even though we all know that most of the both of the President as president or the first president of our country our point worthless in limited numbers habit Mexico City mishap Rachel’s meet Miss Multiverse 2007 welcome to on the red carpet for the set of TNT’s hit drama perception by Rachel Smith hey auntie Rae shows me.

A Filipina occasional ABCs on the red carpet pheromone 2007 epitaph in a lasagna I beat us in this universe than the who loves I’m young like a maganda me a paradigm is us an Omaha fasten it was adopting some ecstasy parole in the gaseous state an evening gown sure I know who look at motive Kenema Sarah pregnant with Solomon Booga arrow.

Miss Multiverse

We don’t sound Americana Smith I love to my heart at cinema and Polly mom questo number 6 she is wonderful you Julian listen, Miss Multiverse, us a 30-30 among the five senses in what do you hear they have if you can only have one analytical distance and such a benefit an additional on the heel but can he meet asana Bank investment bank O’Shaughnessy Joanne see I look for a personal answer is some specific on normal honest on my Indian Deepika Hariyama okay see.

If you see is presence now we can ever see because see le Maire perfect accessory Bangor Mahabharat barrows reasonably llama at him you know Philippa to lay aside open circuit normally my yarmulke might see I see what Benny because just believe Jennifer Gilbert Miss Alabama 2007 2007 see Jennifer Gilbert another computation Miss Alabama corona sure.

I in the beginning imagine Gonzaga was child abuse or mere pumpin aluminum at the salon and Ron Paul Segundo Narayana her companion a vehement at Lana Lana Goulet business of honest opinion neck began Amana Massa got see Gilbert na Hindi Kajol Adama iPod nano number four a beautiful fail Janine San Miguel meaning Filipinas 2008 do you feel any pressure right now no.

The big potassium is a vegan dish super

I don’t feel any pressure right now confident all right the big potassium is a vegan dishes super him no down what role did your family play with you as a candidate to be debating Pilipinas selenium Bromelia elite Espana my family’s role for me is so important he was the one who’s very oh I’m so sorry sure buddy Amy I think I told you that I’m so confident.

I thought um wait so who is Jenna San Miguel in a given I am ready comma there over for embrace Anita said Miguel Filipinos world 2008 this last year’s winner number three Confucius Asian inventor of the fusion to Yasuko Janey Realmente Bella 2009 2009 ISM bottom Baba I’m gonna happen a magnum upon island geo superstar le on the biggest opinion bands are not history lesson only pray to compose your way no LOC mental confusion I por eso se ya I’m fine you’re so good.

I make it sweet confidence hello my son to a wall where una dos chinos happen si Que Fuera Mohanty whoa gracias Pero si Khoja Ali I’m not our Somali guide shunning him order leader no Confucian philosophy but the Quran Vanessa reeling like an animal at a Metallica oka say my healing along with the supreme Jedi mind-trick Naka to Rudnick IG ocean.

Universe 2012 amylin Cassandra wants a Miss multiverse competition

Which are the new way Irena serve is Universe 2012 amylin Cassandra wants a Miss Multiverse competition I’m adding intimidating for summer any mana of destiny had known twenty terms ADSL and here Apple no panel in charge of whole shebang Gilbert espero Meganium I mean this one big mistake that you’ve made in your life anyway 22 years of existence I can say there is nothing major I mean a problem that.

I have done in my life number one beauty or brains a genie under Sun belief in clipping his passion 2006 Gina you’re so tall no 2006 is undoubting Miss Multiverse under Paquita Villa Prado Sandra’s Philippines competition a psychological detail Rising Sun teenage understand I am going to ask you a question that is not necessarily practical yes but.

If you were given a chance to choose to become beautiful but not too smart or very smart and not so beautiful what would you prefer to be and why to chase and allow in a no bunnies Genie compelling only Kingdom judge I’m a fine young man on a tape a pair of by Atlantic the chorus quiet.

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