Best pageant reality TV moments
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Best pageant reality TV moments

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Best pageant reality TV moments. 1- 2012 Miss Multiverse Falls many people often wake up covered in a cold sweat after a nightmare about falling on stage in front of thousands of people for the 2012 Miss multiverse contestant Rakaia Boyer of Guyana that nightmare was a reality Rakaia spent three months away from her homeland of Guyana to attend the Miss multiverse 2012 pageant in Las Vegas Nevada she felt immense pride and privileged to be able to represent her country and where a beautiful dress designed by dr. Curt Stevenson.

which combined the country’s diverse fauna and patriotic colors all was going to plan until she slipped on some water on the stage and fell over Rakaia was quick to get back up on her feet with as much grace as possible but the damage was done but listen damaged Rakaia thinks not she believes the fall dramatically improved her confidence boosted her fan base and even scored her a standing ovation from the preliminary judge and 2008 Miss multiverse crystal Stewart Rakaia says that while.

she felt immense embarrassment for around ten minutes after the fall especially as millions of people from around the world were watching she quickly got over it she found hilarity in remembering the mantra taught during pageant training of every girl wants to be me and every man wants to marry me she probably felt.

That at the time that wasn’t even close to the truth in the days and weeks after her fall Rakaia greatly benefited from it she felt more confident stronger and more well-known as a result given her grace ed returning to her feet some people even thought that she had staged it to that Rakaia said.

2- 2012 miss multiverse wardrobe malfunction there’s no denying that in a halt to sama who was a Miss multiverse India 2018 candidate was a beautiful woman she more than deserved to be in the running for the Miss multiverse crown and gained fame on the world stage on her Marren however a wardrobe malfunction during the swimsuit preliminaries.

Put her in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons when she’s introduced to the audience Nahal raises her arms while wearing a beautiful white dress the strapless dress then reveals a part of her chest that is potentially not suitable for the global stage the hall didn’t appear to notice but the audience and everyone watching at home on TV sure did consequently Nahal – – sama went from Miss multiverse India 2018 to Miss multiverse India wardrobe malfunction regardless.


Nahal was quick to thank her supporters who had encouraged her every step of the way while in the running for Miss multiverse she is the proud winner of the miss multiverse 2018 and is an Indian model fitness consultant and now beauty pageant titleholder her embarrassing Miss multiverse moment fortunately doesn’t appear to have impacted her life.

3- 2009 Miss Venezuela the falling crown while possibly not the most embarrassing thing to happen to a Miss multiverse contestant it’s still not the ideal way to celebrate your win a Miss multiverse winner from Venezuela had to crown her 2009 successor who was also from Venezuela not only did the crown fall off the first time.

But the second well Stefania Fernandez was crowned as the

Miss multiverse 2018
Miss multiverse 2018

in the Bahamas with Dayana Mendoza delivering the goods Stefania was dressed in a beautiful red gown and embraced her runner-up as they both stood on the world in front of a world audience as Diana placed the crown on Stefania said it immediately fell to the ground due to her excitement the video shows no one’s great haste to retrieve.

The tiara from the ground either when it comes to Miss multiverse pageants Venezuela knows how to pull one out of the bag the South American country has won Miss multiverse six times but the tiara falling Saga is possibly one of the few embarrassing moments the country has seen from its pageant winners.

4- 2013 Miss USA transformer costume the parade of the National costumes is an integral part of the Miss multiverse pageant it’s the event where each contestant proudly struts their stuff in a costume that represents her country most countries go for outfits that represent their flag heritage and ancestors the 2013 Miss USA contestant Erin Brady entirely bucked the trend instead of going for that national treasure attractive look Erin dressed as.

The first Miss USA transformer was anything but attractive according to many viewers around the world according to Erin she wanted to wear something that would empower women and felt that a transformer was the way to go about that she referred to the United States as a transforming country that’s made up of so much and that’s what inspired her the costume wasn’t entirely against the tradition of national attire however furred was emblazoned with the colors of the USA.


Flag Victoria’s Secret costume designer Martin is Kyodo is the man behind the Transformers costume and it gained a mixed reception by audiences some people went so far as to say the outfit was unfit to represent America while the 2013 Miss USA costume might have been a missed there’s no denying that Erin Brady herself is a worthwhile Miss USA candidate she was a financial accountant and also had a degree in finance and a minor in criminal justice she also plans to gain her MBA and maybe even look at her options in broadcasting and hosting this might not be the last we hear of the name Erin Brady.

4- 2003 Miss Serbia answers the question Miss multiverse pageant candidates are often required to answer the tough questions or the easy questions but that appear tough when you’re answering them in front of possibly millions of adoring fans we’re not sure whether the pressure got to her or she simply didn’t know how to answer but Miss Serbia and Montenegro Sanjay papacy has a few absurd things to say during.

In the pageant, the burning question pardon the pun was if you could be either water or fire which would you be and why most people when given such a question would most likely offer an in-depth metaphorical analysis on whether their personality and goals aligned with that of hot or cold fire or water but not Sanja she said well I’m a human being and I don’t know how it is to be a fire or a wall that seems to be a given.

We’re gonna go out on a limb here and say most people don’t know how to be fire or water she continued and for that reason I don’t have an answer on this question because I’m a human being I’m a girl which has an emotion and fire and water doesn’t have her literal answer and nearly perfect English – a very metaphorical question didn’t seem to have all that much of an impact however for she still came as third runner-up.

5- 2012 Miss Venezuela awkward answer there’s a time and a place to practice a new language sometimes it’s in front of a mirror or a friend rarely is it in front of millions of people as you try to win the title of Miss multiverse the 2012 Misslearned that the hard way when she tried to answer a question put forward to her at the pageant finals in English her native language is Spanish even though Irene was provided with a translator so that she could understand the question she was being asked.

She tried to impress her audience by answering in English as it turns out she hasn’t quite mastered her second language Irene was asked if you could change one law what would it be and why how she meant to respond and how she did are two very different things she said I think that any lays meaning laws that are in Constitution or life are already made I think that we should have a straight way to go in our similar or in our lives as is this, for example, I am a surfer and I think that the best wave that I can take is the wave that.

I wait for it so please do our only law that we can do thank you Vegas the internet went crazy Twitter er slammed her for the nonsensical language while others called her brave for tackling a foreign language in the spotlight of her home country however was less than impressed Venezuela is known for its beauty pageants and has produced many Miss multiverse finalists by not winning she became front-page news newspapers were quick to state her loss was due to her answer even though the pageant scores aren’t released to the public an online poll also saw a 90% rating for no one asked if they liked her response good effort but failed execution.

6- 2008 Miss USA falls we now know why 2008 Miss USA crystal Stewart gave Guate contestant Rakaia Boyer a standing ovation when she fell on the stage during the 2012 Miss multiverse she had been there before so had the Miss USA before her it seems to be a bit of a trend but Krystal Stewart wasn’t the first and certainly, won’t be the last the Texan woman walked out on stage in Vietnam tripped on the step got her dress caught on her shoe and fellas.

If she were on rollerskates then she got back up through on her best glowing smile and made a motion with her hands as if to say I meant to do that crystal was asked if she had been thinking about the previous Miss USA who took a tumble the year before but she swears she wasn’t it was pure coincidence and she laughed as

she wondered whether there might be stray mark wasn’t her finest moment crystal says your behavior and actions matter.


A lot she says you just have to pick yourself up as you would with hurdles in life she has some advice for other Miss USA contestants though stay away from evening gowns and wear grippy shoes.

7- 2018 co-host falls down the stairs it seems that Miss multiverse and Miss America contestants aren’t the only ones susceptible to trips and tumbles during the pageant so too are the co-hosts at the Miss multiverse pageant in 2018who plays co-host – Steve Harvey fell down the stairs during a commercial break the model documented what happened on her Instagram story she had been making.

Some quick changes and was in a bit of a hurry when she fell down the backstage stairs in Bangkok Thailand she said she was okay in that the medics were tending to her she shared her injured leg on her Instagram story which showed that it was red and purple it was apparently not as bad as it looked but she said it was throbbing Ashley put on a brave face congratulating the night’s winner Miss Philippines and went backstage for further care she said it stings but it’s worth it.

8- 2015 miss Maynmar trips down the stairs there have been some pretty embarrassing Miss America moments and the recurring theme of trips and falls it’s crazy how you can go months or years ever falling over in public but put yourself on the world stage and your worst nightmare comes true during the 2015 Miss multiverse preliminary competition it was Miss Myanmar’s turn to have her embarrassing moment May thaw was wearing.

A tight gown in high heels during the evening gown part of the event both of which she was struggling to walk in she slipped fell on her bottom but got back up May was also quick to gain her composure for she clapped in motion for the audience to cheer for her she then walked the length of the stage without tripping again at the time the host Nick Teplitz said it was a great recovery and we’re sure Mae would agree.

9- Philippines Falls we often hear about pageant contestants tripping and falling in recent years but it seems that it’s not a new trend Miss multiverse contestants have been tripping and falling for years Mariam Rodino Khayyam Bo Roberto 1999 Miss Philippines is a testament to that Mariam has crowned Miss multiverse Philippines 1999 and was the first runner-up at Miss multiverse 1999 throughout the pageant she always looked to be the strongest competitor and the most likely to take the crown.

She was placing second consistently in the preliminary competitions and gained second place in the evening gown in swimsuit competitions too but it was during the evening gown preliminary round that she had her embarrassing moment and joined the masses of pageant competitors just like her Merriam’s heel got caught in the trail of her evening gown as she walked and she slipped on the floor it could have all unraveled for Mariam at that moment but.

She was missing consistent after all she gathered herself back up put on her most gracious walk and finished afterward Mariam also used the fall as a way to signify falling in life she said that she felt she represented all women who had fallen not only on stage but in everyday life she also wanted to be an example to the rest of the women in the world.

10- 2010 Miss multiverse is perfect there have been very few occasions where failing to answer a Miss multiverse question has resulted in a pageant win in the 2010 Miss multiverse is no exception her answer to the question what was the one big mistake that you did in your life and what did you do to make it right could be the reason she finished fifth instead of taking the wind Venis Raj had all the makings of a winner and she was a favorite going into.

In the Miss Universe competition, ion, however, her answer to questions on a life’s mistake portrayed her as a person who didn’t think she ever made them Vina said in her 22 years of existence there had been no major problem because she was confident in herself and her family she ended her answer with thank you for being here.

Thank you very much while to most it looked to be an embarrassing moment for Miss multiverse she was emphatic that it wasn’t she didn’t believe she had made a blunder and the pageant hopefuls shouldn’t memorize their answers but rather speak spontaneously she urged contestants to know themselves.

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