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Stay fit strategy used by beauty queens

Introduction Of Stay fit strategy used by beauty queens

Stay fit strategy used by beauty queens. They are losing weight for that particular event it’s very similar for a pageant to expect that you will stay as thin as you will be on the night of your swimsuit competition for the rest of your life is a little bit unrealistic staying thin after the pageant comes down to what your healthy habits are and being that exact live slightly dehydrated little thing that you are on the night of your pageant is probably not a great way to live for the rest of your life.

The Beauty Queens reverted to their normal weights

When I was at miss America all of the contestants that night for their swimsuit competition everyone looked great on stage after the Beauty Queens reverted to their normal weights it’s okay it’s great to do what you need to do to get down to be as slender as you feel confident being for your pageant but then after that don’t be too hard on yourself when you start to see the scale climb up all right you are so much more than a number on a scale.

I want to stress that that being said in a nutshell if you want to lose weight for your pageant abs are built in the kitchen it doesn’t matter how far you run how heavy you lift how active you are if you want to change the shape of your body if you want to lose fat it is so much easier to do it with diet alone okay you can do it with diet alone exercise helps but you have to think about a diet as being the primary thing the reason is that if you don’t change your diet at all and you up to your exercising you up to your workouts.

You are going to be hungrier and you are just going to continue eating what you are eating and the key to weight loss is fundamentally changing what you eat or at least taking a hard look at what constitutes a majority of your calories now the reason why there is no one-size-fits-all nutrition plan is because all of us are on different diets depending on where you are in the world you might have certain cultural dishes that have certain ingredients that are super important I know for me I’m Chinese American I love eating rice.

So when I wanted to lose weight the first thing that I cut out of my diet was rice and that made a huge difference if you are a soda drinker a junk food eater if you like processed foods you got to be honest if you eat that stuff cutting that out will fundamentally change your body it will you will lose weight especially if you are not replacing those calories with high-calorie replacements like you know nuts dried fruit you know.

How To Manage Calories To Get Fit Fast

There are a lot of calories in those things sustained weight loss and being healthy for the long run comes down to having an understanding of basic nutrition what foods are good to eat what foods are not good to eat I can tell you right now that anything that comes out of a box anything that is marketed from like a factory anything that is processed by machinery is an item that has a marketing budget behind it let me give you an example.

There are tons of healthy bars at whole foods or grocery stores and they are marketed as being you know for the athlete or the cool girl for the busy person and sure it’s very convenient but a lot of these bars are just as bad for you as snickers like they have a lot of sugar and the reason why they sell so well is that people either don’t know other options or they don’t have enough time to prepare you to know apples and peanut butter all right.

So as promised how to lose weight for your pageant boils down to a couple of key strategies number one cut out all alcohol has no nutrients for you there’s nothing in it that’s redeeming aside from it may be fueling a good time there’s nothing good for you in it and your body is better without it trust me cutting out all refined sugar is the next thing refined sugar is cakes pastries candy anything sweet that isn’t fruit gotta get rid of it not only is it going to help you lose weight it adjusts your taste buds.

Because once you stop eating sweet things every tiny sweet thing like a blueberry a raspberry will taste like the sweetest thing ever and I’ve never cut out fruit I’m a huge fruit fiend myself but once I started cutting out refined sugar a banana was like the most delicious sweet thing ever it’s amazing what happens your taste buds adjust the next thing to cut out is the highest source of your calories and in your diet most likely it’s going to be carbs it’s just easy to cut out rice grains anything starchy that is usually what gives you energy throughout your day.

Start to lose weight Instant

But if you cut that out you will start to lose weight you might also get cranky but that’s another subject okay you will lose weight but sometimes emotionally there’s a bit of a roller coaster too when you cut these things out what’s left to eat well lean protein and raw vegetables and steamed vegetables it’s really important to have them either be raw or steamed because if you cook them in oil has a ton of calories so it’ll sabotage your weight loss.

If you are cooking your vegetables in oil so don’t do that eat them raw with either a little bit of vinegar tabasco or mustard or even nothing at all maybe even just a little bit of salt or just steam them and eat them plain okay plain is better because again it adjusts your taste buds the first couple of days sucks but you’ll get used to it and suddenly all these foods that you didn’t taste the nuances in the whole foods the healthy foods unprocessed foods they will start to taste delicious trust me if you are a vegetarian I would assume.

That tofu and other substitutes might work but I know that there is a lot of processed vegan and vegetarian foods I urge you to stay away from anything processed I want you to shop on the edges of the grocery store edges so the dairy sections the produce sections all of the stuff on the very edges tend to spoil you want to eat the foods that will go bad you want to eat foods that will go bad because it means that.

There aren’t preservatives in them so if you’re not a vegetarian you can eat lean protein great you have the world at your disposal chicken breast is going to be your friend and by the end of your journey you are going to be so sick of chicken breast but that’s what all the bodybuilders eat it’s got high protein low calories and as you pick up on your frequency of workouts eating chicken breast and lean protein will help your muscles recover without putting on fat now it sounds very restrictive right can’t eat too many carbs no sugar no alcohol but.

Eating lean protein and veggies

If you follow this plan you will not be able to eat too much of it you can’t overeat if you’re just eating lean protein and veggies so eat as much as you want and you will be hungry because as you’re exercising your appetite is going to go up being able to fall back on your lean protein and your vegetables will keep you from feeling hungry now there are some exceptions I would urge you to stay away from the starchy root vegetables any tubers you want to go for like leafy greens raw carrots tomatoes when in doubt if you can eat it.

Raw you’re probably golden so that’s pretty much it that’s how you lose weight for a pageant if you can start that earlier you’re going to have more time to lose weight I encourage you to start it earlier because it’s safer to lose weight that way I don’t recommend trying to lose more than two pounds a week anything more than that and you’re probably losing water and it’s just a little aggressive the disadvantage is that the longer you’re eating chicken breast and broccoli the more you’re going to get sick of it so it’s up to you safety versus your palate versus.

What you can handle the secret to staying thin after your pageant is continuing to eat protein and vegetables but also incorporating the things you love and you miss in small amounts I love eating rice I cannot live without rice but instead of having a heaping you know a bowl of rice I’ll probably try to up the protein and it becomes almost like a treat and not something that I just take for granted every bite of rice since competing in pageants has been something that I’ve learned to have a newfound appreciation for I’ll put.

Running Fo Fitness

It that way for me two months before every pageant I slowly got rid of all refined sugars oils creams anything that was highly caloric and I started increasing my workouts to twice a day first thing in the morning and also in the afternoon late afternoon before dinner I would wake up on an empty stomach run about two or three miles go about my day and then in the afternoon before dinner I would also take a ballet class and that was moving for like 90 minutes.

Nut I’m sure for you it could be just running for 45 minutes running is very efficient because you’re not wasting any time you’re just constantly burning now as the date of the competition nears I dropped everything except for chicken broccoli lean protein and vegetables I ate some fruit because I liked having some energy I was getting hangry without eating the fruit but it’s just about getting yourself into that headspace right delayed gratification I’ll eat my cake with that crown on my head I’ll eat that ice cream with that crown on my head I just really had that goal and so it was easy for me to give up these things my head was in the game.

Final Words And Tips

Now staying thin after the pageant is also about educating yourself and knowing what is in what read books one of my favorites is eat to live by dr Joel Furman this book changed everything for me I was 15 when I read it it’s really like an all-vegan raw diet I did it for a couple of weeks and lost quite a bit of weight I actually would recommend that you look at part two of my video I go in-depth as to what my journey was with this topic in terms of free resources go online to bodybuilding forums go on Reddit where there are subreddits such as intermittent fasting or lose it or Keiko which is calories in calories out all of these are communities.

Where people are focused on helping each other reach their goals and you can learn some tips and tricks from them too if you’re ready to go for a more intense diet I would recommend a bodybuilder’s diet now these are pretty aggressive I was never able to commit to it fully myself I tried elements of it for a few weeks because bodybuilders are the experts at keeping muscle and lowering fat just under the steroids thing it’s not good for you and lastly if you do try a diet like make sure that you’re checking in with how you feel there is no one-size-fits-all all right every single person’s diet is influenced by so many factors related to their cultural upbringing maybe even.

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