What I Eat In A Day Miss Multiverse Diet Plan
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What I Eat In A Day Miss Multiverse Diet Plan

Introduction Of What I Eat In A Day Miss Multiverse Diet Plan

What I Eat In A Day Miss Multiverse Diet Plan. I am going to show you everything that I ate in the day as Miss multiverse ok this kinda story in case you guys didn’t know back in August 2016 I entered into the Miss multiverse pageant and I ended up.

Miss multiverse experience

Winning the title and then subsequently went to Miss multiverse and competed at the International pageant there so it has been 4 years since my Miss multiverse experience and I did a little bit of digging into what I ate for the competition and today I’m gonna show you exactly what my meal plan was like for Miss multiverse so in the mornings.

I would wake up at about 7 to 8 a.m. to do a facet workout but before that, I would always make sure to have my vitamins so I would drink a glass of warm water with apple cider vinegar and then take my supplements which includes glucosamine a multivitamin and also something for hair skin and nails and then after coming back from my workout I would go and prepare breakfast now I don’t like working out with food in my stomach.

So I always have breakfast after I work out even up till today in my ginormous smoothie I would have spinach about 2 to 3 bananas a splash of almond milk cinnamon and then water so it would end up into like a 2-liter thing of smoothie which fills me up I always like to start my day with a lot of foods that have a lot of vitamins and nutrition in it because when your stomach is empty it is the best for absorbing any food that you put into it well.

A big hearty salad To Eat

That’s my theory at least and it also makes me feel a little bit less guilty when I eat like treats later on in the day now I’m just kidding where am I moving on to lunch would usually be a big hearty salad but sometimes I would make myself an egg white omelet so it’s a mushrooms vegetables and then two egg whites.

I want to say and also I would add a ton of hot sauce to it because I never seasoned my food especially when I was training for Miss multiverse because I did not salt my food usually it’s just hot sauce and then in between of us feeling snacky or hungry I would usually have some almonds that are roasted and unsalted then for my last meal of the day I would usually have some stir-fried tofu with high-protein pasta and a huge side of steamed vegetables now.

This is the time when you ask me do I put any seasonings on my food the answer is no but I do put in my hot sauce this is so sad anyway I have had this bright idea to follow my Miss multiverse meal plan for one day and see how I feel about it before years later so keep on watching good morning this is my day of eating my Miss multiverse training meal plan and I am starting the day with my apple cider vinegar and water and my vitamins.

Eating breakfast and I don’t like to eat too early

I only have two little things here because I accidentally ate one of them when I was taking it out I’m gonna down this goodness and then go work out the taste is a little bit hard to bear but I have to tell you that it is so good for your body so try it begin so now I’m just gonna take my little sachet of the Orbis different Sara which I fell in love with recently because it has a lot of benefits for your skin or so what I usually do is I just take it straight from the packet.

I’m gonna finish this up and then head on over to do my workout so I’ll see you for breakfast so now I’m back from making breakfast and lunch at the same time because I have a habit of not eating breakfast and I don’t like to eat too early on in the day so I’m gonna have both of them at the same time which is great because.

Now we’re looking at it breakfast is okay but lunch is a little bit small okay I’m gonna give this a taste test I can’t be it can’t be it’s just egg whites mushrooms and spinach uh-huh it’s good but it’s not a lot of food I’m surprised that I actually ate so little during the time of the competition when I was running around doing a lot of activities and also training very heavily and it’s not enough food oh well I’m just gonna finish what I’ve made and I will check back in at dinner.

Smoothie and my egg white omelet

I drink straight out of the jug because I don’t like washing dishes I don’t think anybody likes washing dishes so to save me some effort I’m gonna just drink you’re like that alright I’m gonna see you at dinner bye okay so it’s been a couple of hours since my smoothie and my egg white omelet it’s only 5:40 and I’m so hungry but the thing is I didn’t have time to eat you know like.

The little snacks that I mentioned because I was really busy working today which brings me back to the whole idea of how like I had so much to do no time to prepare or eat other things in between anyway I have decided I’m gonna have an early dinner today because I am very very very hungry let’s get to making dinner my camera ran out of battery but.

This is the life of when your new diet this is mine in this shop so I am done with my one day of eating my Miss multiverse diet meal plan and I just want to say that it is unbelievably restrictive I get that it is low carb low fat low sodium high in fiber high in protein which is the quintessential makeup of every competition diet meal plan or as far as I know but when you’re in competition mode you don’t care about anything else except getting to your end goal and I felt that at the time.

Miss multiverse at least and also the entire competition

I was very pressured into losing weight and toning up because I was gonna be in a bikini on stage in front of thousands and thousands of people well for Miss multiverse at least and also the entire competition was being live-streamed on Fox and I think because of that pressure I had this unrealistic goal of trying to lose as much weight as possible and if I could go back in time I would try to seek professional help and so.

That I would be more informed on how to eat for a competition like that anyway I just want to say that I don’t eat like that anymore I do try to eat as clean and healthy as possible for maybe about like eighty percent of the time but I do allow myself snacks and treats now and then which make me happy makes me human so if you were to train for a competition like.

Keep yourself safe keep yourself healthy

That please please please do remember to keep yourself safe keep yourself healthy and don’t go on a crazy restrictive diet unless you’re trading for something like I don’t know Baywatch or whatever but seek professional help okay don’t do what I did and that is the end of my video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you would like to see what I currently eat in a day do you drop me a comment or you can DM me on Instagram on any video ideas.

That you would like me to do so please remember to give me a thumbs up on this video also subscribe and hit the notification bell button so you are aware whenever I post a new video thank you so much for watching and it is Friday so.

I’m gonna grab my snacks and I am gonna go eat my snacks now cuz I deserve a treat I’ve been working hard this whole week, yeah bye I am trying to use my body to cover up some of my clothes no that’s so embarrassing.

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