Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

Alice Veglio’s Journey to the Miss Multiverse 2019 World Finals

Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019 Facebook post on her journey to the world finals of Miss Multiverse 2019

Here we are ! I Still can’t believe that this moment I’ve been waiting for a long time has finally arrived ….
If I look back a few months ago I see the joy and the tears of my proclamation, the hours of preparation with the motivated look of a woman who is ready to don’t give up .
My luggage is ready with my sash and my motivation to reach this important world venue: Punta Cana !!
What awaits me?
A one-way flight, daily elimination sessions, extreme physical tests, culture tests, business trials and challenges capable of proving my mind, my body and my certainties.

Alice Veglio Miss Multiverse Italy 2019

Whatever the outcome of this dream will be I start this competition with the goal to compete exclusively against myself, my limits, my fears, my weaknesses and come out even stronger.
I compete to prove myself that behind my body lies the voracious ambition and determination of a warrior who has learned to see the foundation of his own success in his falls.
I compete to show that a woman can be everything and that behind a miss sash there may be a head full of knowledge, a big heart and the strength of an athlete.
Whatever happens during this adventure, be sure that ambition and determination will be the last to die!
A special thanks to the wonderful sponsors who have decided to support me during this adventure: Dana Design, Elisabetta Franchi, De Marchi Gianotti and Rosso Pomodoro!
Thanks also to direction of Miss Multiverse and to the fabulous power woman Liinda Grandia for believing in me and allowing me to be present at this world championship!
And simply thanks to my family, friends to my great love Matteo Pittaluga and all of you that every day stay close to me with the warmth of your support !!
To infinity and beyond!
See you soon in Punta Cana !!

  • 3 days to the beginning of this incredible adventure !! ✈🌎👑❤

Thanks to my sponsor Dana Designs Italy for supporting me during this journey.

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