Miss Multiverse 2017 Corrin Stellakis. Photo by Will Falize

Corrin Stellakis former Miss Earth Fire 2016 won Miss Multiverse 2017 the Personality Contest and TV Reality Series.

Miss Multiverse 2017 Corrin Stellakis. Photo by Will Falize

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS, December 22, 2017 /Miss Multiverse America; Corrin Stellakis former Miss Earth Fire 2016 was crowned Miss Multiverse 2017 at the Theatre Stage of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The 6th edition pageant and 4thd edition Reality TV series “I am Multiverse” showing this adventurous and challenging personality contest among 22 international contestants from 22 nations took place for 3 weeks at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana and will be broadcasted Medio 2018.

Miss Multiverse 2017; Corrin Stellakis; Age 20, Stellakis attends Liberty University Online, she is pursuing a degree in communication and psychology. She has previously competed at Miss Teen USA in 2014, Miss World America in 2015 and Miss Earth 2016 as Miss Earth USA 2016. She is a young entrepreneur and owner of Fit to Reign Studio and salon, she is a personal trainer and a Pageant coach.

Host and Judges; Liinda Grandia, founder and CEO Miss Multiverse hosted and judged the 3-week events and Reality TV series. Mariana Verkerk, TV celebrity, catwalk coach and founder of the Model Convention served as her right hand and judged through the diverse challenges. Nancy Schoenmakers, TV celebrity and Fashion Photographer was 1 of the official photographers and part of the judging panel. Will Falize, Fashion Photographer and cinematic Videographer was 1of the official photographers and part of the judging panel.

Ramona Haar, Filipina international jewellery designer, designed the Miss Multiverse Crown, Miss Multiverse 2016; Siria Bojorquez crowned her successor Corrin Stellakis with this same precious and meaningful crown.

The Director and a senior manager of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana and the Coco Bongo Punta Cana owner made up the honorary finals judging panel.

This elimination-style competition seeks to find the most multi-talented and capable among 22 women from 22 countries whom were judged in this challenge based format, extroverted judges, intriguing personalities, testing their leadership skills, social capabilities, athletic performances and more as we get to know each contestant through challenges and triumphs leading towards the opportunity to become an official Miss Multiverse Top 10 model and find the ultimate winner of the Miss Multiverse crown. Achievement beyond Beauty is their slogan.

Throughout the MISS MULTIVERSE Reality TV series, the international contestants competed in diverse challenges and adventures. After a 2-week intense contest held at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana and 2 elimination rounds, plus 4 official disqualifications, after the semi-finals the size of the group was reduced from 18 to the top 10. This Top 10 were subjected to 1 week of even greater challenges and tested on their basic human skills and endurance.

The TV series “I am Multiverse” is now in its 4th season and is aired in the USA, Latin America and will further expand this year through Asia and Africa. Content will be delivered to millions of fans and users through 40 Multi-Concept Engagement platforms provided by Yuuzoo Corp and FilmonTV. The organization is in conversation with diverse international TV networks for broadcasting.

Final Results – The Top 10:
Winner: Miss Multiverse America; Corrin Stellakis (Miss Social Media Award 2017)
1st RU Miss Multiverse Spain; Caroline Rueda (Miss Intellect Award 2017)
2nd RU Miss Multiverse Australia; Gabrielle Keaton (Miss Leadership Award 2017)
3rd RU Miss Multiverse Mexico; Naomi Mondragon (Best National Costume Award 2017)
4th RU Miss Multiverse Canada; Natalie Allin (Miss Fitness Award 2017)
5th RU Miss Multiverse Lithuania; Jovita Jasinskaite (Miss Personality Award 2017)
6th RU Miss Multiverse Ukraine; Tetiana Bondarenko (Miss Social Intellect Award 2017)
7th RU Miss Multiverse Brazil; Paula Monteiro (Miss Catwalk Award 2017)
8th RU Miss Multiverse Sweden; Daniella Lundqvist (Miss Photogenic Award 2017)
9th RU Miss Multiverse France; Magdalena Kucharska (Miss Entertainment Award 2017)

Top 22:

10th RU Miss Multiverse Venezuela; Liz Barreto.

11th RU Miss Multiverse Ireland; Karen Gabrielle.
12th RU Miss Multiverse Dominican Republic; Antiqua Aquino.

13th RU Miss Multiverse Bulgaria; Veronika Stefanova.
14th RU Miss Multiverse St Barth’s; Claudia Carpentier.

15th RU Miss Multiverse Russia; Veronika Verye.
16th RU Miss Multiverse Monaco; Vanessa Hulot.
17th RU Miss Multiverse Belgium; Shirin Rotty (2nd round elimination).
18th RU Miss Multiverse Poland; Agnes Kowacz (1st round elimination).
19th RU Miss Multiverse England; Kerri Parker (1st round elimination).

20th RU Miss Multiverse Haiti; Anaika Gaspard (Disqualification after not becoming top 10).
21st RU Miss Multiverse Crimea; Anna Mozzhukhina (Disqualification after 2nd round elimination).

The Miss Multiverse 2017 prize package includes: a custom made exchange crown designed by Ramona Haar Jewelry; a handmade embroidered sparkled sash; professional representation by The Miss Multiverse Organization; media training and coaching by The Miss Multiverse Organization; travel representing sponsors and charitable partners; access to opportunities. The current Miss Multiverse winner will be the main character next to Liinda Grandia CEO and Founder in this year’s TV Reality series of Miss Multiverse “ I am Multiverse” represented value is +250K. The winner will return to the world finals November 2018 to crown her successor and be part of that years TV Reality series.

The Miss Multiverse organization thanks all sponsors; Head Sponsor; Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Punta Cana. Other sponsors and partners; Ramona Haar Jewelry, Oro Night Club, Coco Bongo Punta Cana, Mercedes Benz Autozama, RAD Park, Downtown Punta Cana, Miss-Sjerpen.nl, Mariana Verkerk, Nancy Schoenmakers Photography, Will Falize Photography, Siria Bojorquez, Cylia Hendriks, Escape Room Punta Cana, DJ Christian Azar, Casa Linda City, 321TakeOff, Dolphin Discovery, Caribbean Traveling Network, Yuuzoo inc, FilmonTV.

To join this Epic Adventure as Contestant, Franchiser, Sponsor, Fan, Family or Press please visit the following link: www.missmultiverse.com or email them at info@missmultiverse.com

We thank the Miss Multiverse organization for this information and the use of their official photo.

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